Books Read in 2000

A return to Standard Operating Procedure (Trumpetville style), with a list of books read, something I last did back in February 2017, when Books Read in 1999 got posted.

And I kicked off the new millennium (or brought down the curtain on the old one, depending on your point of view) by reading 120 books, eleven more than in 1999, and with a monthly average of ten titles.

I did a lot of second reads this year, particularly in February and October, both of which were devoted to reprising horror favourites from years past. My big discovery of the year was John Connolly, whose Every Dead Thing blew me away. I’ve stuck with him and PI Charlie Parker ever since and loved every book, albeit some more than others.

On this day in 2000 I’d just cracked open McCammon’s Usher’s Passing for a second go round, while on the occasion of my 46th birthday I was wrapped up in Les Daniels’ encyclopaedic Batman: The Complete History.

Okay, here’s the list:-

Best New Horror: Tenth Anniversary Edition – Edited by Stephen Jones

Only Human – Tom Holt

The Smithsonian Institution – Gore Vidal

Forever Peace – Joe Haldeman

Denial – Peter James

Unconquered Countries – Geoff Ryman

Dark Terrors 4 – Edited by Stephen Jones & David Sutton

Children of the Mind – Orson Scott Card

Freezer Burn – Joe R. Lansdale

Mission Child – Maureen McHugh

Live From Golgotha – Gore Vidal

The Exorcist – William Peter Blatty

The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson

The Hellbound Heart – Clive Barker

The Golden – Lucius Shepard

The Other – Thomas Tryon

Hawksmoor – Peter Ackroyd

Twilight – Peter James

Carrie – Stephen King

Song of Kali – Dan Simmons

Rosemary’s Baby – Ira Levin

Belgrave Square – Anne Perry

Quarantine- Jim Crace

Diaspora – Greg Egan

Runner in the Dark – Ed Gorman

Nasty Snips – Edited by Christopher Teague

Every Dead Thing – John Connolly

Ovid – David Wishart

Foursight – Edited by Peter Crowther

The Book of Shadows – Namita Gokhale

A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess

The Vintner’s Luck – Elizabeth Knox

Vienna Blood – Adrian Mathews

If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller – Italo Calvino

Farriers’ Lane – Anne Perry

The Stone of Light: Nefer the Silent – Christian Jacq

Dark Hollow – John Connolly

Magic Terror – Peter Straub

Silver Screen – Justina Robson

Bagombo Snuff Box – Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Nero – David Wishart

Sensing Others – Frank Tallis

Come Out Tonight – Richard Laymon

Time and the Gods – Lord Dunsany

American Psycho – Brett Easton Ellis

Forms of Heaven – Clive Barker

Cause of Death – Patricia Cornwall

Judas Tree – Simon Clark

The Crying of Lot 49 – Thomas Pynchon

Agnes Mallory – Andrew Klavan

Forever Free – Joe Haldeman

The Drive-In: A Double Feature Omnibus – Joe R. Lansdale

Flight of the Stone Angel – Carol O’Connell

Supping with Panthers – Tom Holland

Ulysses – James Joyce

Mean High Tide – James W. Hall

Flesh Wounds – Christopher Fowler

Mission of Gravity – Hal Clement

Less Than Zero – Bret Easton Ellis

Earthfall – Orson Scott Card

Continent – Jim Crace

The Midnight Side – Natasha Mostert

999 – Edited by Al Sarrantonio

Tales of the Dying Earth – Jack Vance

Hearts in Atlantis – Stephen King

Cruel and Unusual – Patricia Cornwall

Magician – Raymond E. Feist

The Nightmare Chronicles – Douglas Clegg

The Puppet Show – Patrick Redmond

The Lake – R. Karl Largent

Hard Curves: The Fantasy Art of Julie Bell – Text by Nigel Suckling

Goodlow’s Ghosts – T. M. Wright

Nero’s Heirs – Allan Massie

Hell Board – Dana Reed

Darkwerks: The Art of Brom

Naomi’s Room – Jonathan Aycliffe

Dreams: The Art of Boris Vallejo – Text by Nigel Suckling

Frisk – Derek Cooper

Man Crazy – Joyce Carol Oates

Mirror – Graham Masterton

Black Light – Elizabeth Hand

Sauce for the Goose – Robert Campbell

The Old Reliable – P. G. Wodehouse

Bones of Coral – James Hall

Mindgames: Fool’s Mate – Neal Asher

Mavis Belfrage – Alasdair Gray

The Theatre and Its Double – Antonin Artaud

The Travelling Vampire Show – Richard R. Laymon

Essential Dali – Kirsten Bradbury

A Widow for One Year – John Irving

The Midnight Tour – Richard R. Laymon

Buzz Cut – James Hall

Invisible Cities – Italo Calvino

A Shadow on the Wall – Jonathan Aycliffe

Little Deaths – Edited by Ellen Datlow

The Penguin Complete Ghost Stories of M. R. James

Usher’s Passing – Robert R. McCammon

Ghost Story – Peter Straub

Vampire Junction – S. P. Somtow

Funland – Richard R. Laymon

Cold Hand in Mine – Robert Aickman

Richard Dadd in Bedlam & Other Stories – Alan Wall

Point of Origin – Patricia Cornwell

Veronika Decides to Die – Paulo Coelho

Malaria – Susan Hillmore

The Nudist Colony – Sarah May

Three Hands in the Fountain – Lindsey Davis

Super-Cannes – J. G. Ballard

Blood Games – Richard R. Laymon

Batman: The Complete History – Les Daniels

Body Language – James Hall

The Myth of Sisyphus – Albert Camus

The River King – Alice Hoffman

Southern Cross – Patricia Cornwell

White Mars – Brian Aldiss & Roger Penrose

The Book of The Die – Luke Rhinehart

The Resurrection Club – Christopher Wallace

Cosmonaut Keep – Ken Macleod

Merrick – Anne Rice

Martha Peake – Patrick McGrath

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