Miscellaneous Indices

Links to stuff not covered in the other indices on this site.


The Amazing Spider-Man: Animal MagnetismThe Amazing Spider-Man: Graveyard Shift – American Vampire Volume Four  – Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse: Necromancer 

Batgirl: The FloodBatgirl: The Lesson – Batman: Arkham Unhinged Batman: Battle for the Cowl CompanionBatman: The Black GloveBatman: Haunted GothamBatman: Heart of HushBatman: Private CasebookBatman: UnseenBatwoman: ElegyBirds of Prey: Club Kids – Black Road Volume 2: A Pagan Death – Bram Stoker’s Death ShipBullet & Justine: The End and the BeginningBullet Ballerina

Constantine the Hellblazer Volume 1: Going DownContainmentCopperhead Volume 2

Daredevil: Return of the KingDaredevil: Ultimate CollectionDark Reign: ElektraDark Reign: The HoodDark Wolverine: My HeroDarksiders II: Death’s DoorDeadly Class Volume 3: The Snake PitDean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal SonDoom Patrol: BrotherhoodDoom Patrol: Crawling from the Wreckage

Fade to BlackFantastic Five: The Final DoomFantastic Four: Prime ElementsFantastic Four: World’s Greatest

Gatecrasher Volume OneGhost Stories of an Antiquary, Volume 1Green Arrow and Black Canary: Big GameGreen Lantern: Sector 2814 Volume 1

Hap and Leonard: Savage Season – HappyHewligan’s HaircutHouse of M: Masters of EvilHouse of Mystery: Desolation

I Tell You It’s Love

Jennifer Blood: A Woman’s Work is Never DoneJoe Quinn’s PoltergeistJupiter’s Legacy Book OneJustice Society of America: Axis of EvilJustice Society of America: Black Adam and Isis

Karnak: The Flaw in All ThingsKillapaloozaThe King in Yellow


Method Man  – Monster MassacreMs Marvel: Crushed

Night Screams for Mercy – Nova: Realm of Kings

Partners – Postal Volume 1

Razorjack – Red Hulk: Fall of the HulksRed Hulk: Hulk of ArabiaThe Rockabye Worm

Scalped: High Lonesome – Secret Six: DepthsSecretsSeven to Eternity Volume 1: The God of WhispersSherlock Homes and the Adventure of the Dancing MenSir Edward Grey Witchfinder: Lost and Gone ForeverThe Spectacular Spider-Girl: The Last StandSpider-Woman: Shifting Gears – Baby TalkSpider-Woman: Shifting Gears – Civil War IISub-Mariner: The Depths –  The Superior Spider-Man: Goblin NationSunstone Volumes 1 to 4Superman: AliensSuperman: New Krypton Volume OneSuperman: Secret OriginsSupernatural: Rising Son

Teen Titans: Team BuildingThor: Latverian PrometheusTitans: Lockdown

The Walking Dead Volume 9: Here We Remain – Weird Tales Volume TwoWolverine:NoirWonder Woman: Amazons AttackWonder Woman: ContagionWonder Woman: Rise of the OlympianWonder Woman: Warkiller

X-Factor: Super UnnaturalX-Factor: They Keep Killing MadroxThe X-Files: Thirty Days of Night X-Men: Five Miles South of the UniverseX-Men: Secret InvasionX-Men: To Serve and ProtectX-Men First Class: The Wonder Years


Absolute Magnitude #17Albedo One #24Ambit #162Analog Vol CXXII #2Analog February 2003Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #5Artemis #7Asimov’s Science Fiction #313Aurealis #27/28Bare Bone #3Black Gate #2 –  Cemetery Dance #37Cemetery Dance #41Challenging Destiny #10CimmPlicity #1Cold Print #3Colonies #3Crime Factory #6Dark Animus #3Dark Tales #3The Dream Zone #9Fantasy & Science Fiction #595Fantasy & Science Fiction September 2002Flesh & Blood #7Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine #30 Here & Now #2Horror Express #4Horror Garage #3Indigenous Fiction #6Interzone #167Jupiter IX: SinopeJupiter XVII: CallirrhoeLady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #10Legend #3Lighthouse Magazine #1Midnight Street #5Murky Depths #2Nemonymous #2Not One of Us #26On Spec #5Peep Show #2Problem Child #1Psychotrope #9Roadworks #13Scheherazade #22Scheherazade #29Space & Time #95Spectrum SF #9 –  Splice Vol 7 #1Supernatural Tales #3Talesbones #243SF #1Weird Tales #327Wicked Hollow #4


Clarkesworld MagazineDark RecessesFiction OnlineFuture FireHub MagazineThe Lightning Journal –  Midnight HorrorMidnight in HellNiteblade Horror and Fantasy MagazineSein und WerdenSubterranean Online13 Human SoulsWorlds of WonderWritten Word