Books Read in 1999

This post follows on from Books Read in 1998, which I posted back in November of last year.

And for this year the total number of books read fell from 125 in the previous year to 109, which evens out at nine books a month, with The Plato Papers read twice for some reason. A lot of these books were read for purposes of review in The Third Alternative and elsewhere.

My big discovery of the year was Jim Crace, whose Being Dead I was sent for review and absolutely adored. Nothing and nobody else really stands out, though there are a lot of very good books on the list.

And a couple of very strange ones. Conversations with God was gifted to me by a spiritualist friend and I felt ‘obliged’ to read it (to be fair, I do have an RE ‘A’ Level, and so wasn’t exactly a stranger to religious/biblical texts or wholly disinterested in them). Real Life: Real Spice was also a present from a friend with a warped sense of humour. At the risk of sounding facetious, I recall it was mostly photographs.

On this day in 1999 I was reading The Fall of the Towers, an omnibus volume of three early novels by the wonderful Samuel R. Delany. In fact the whole of February 1999 was devoted to second readings of SF classics to see if they stood up, and I’m afraid that most didn’t (there was a time when I was mightily impressed with Isaac Asimov, but by 1999 it was something I was well over). On the occasion of my 45th birthday I was reading Tom Holland’s novel of Egyptian archeology and mayhem, The Sleeper in the Sands.

Here’s the list:-

Alone With the Horrors – Ramsey Campbell
The Little Dog Laughed – Joseph Hansen
Whispers in the Dark – Jonathan Aycliffe
Cocaine Nights – J. G. Ballard
Lost Souls – Poppy Z. Brite
The Man Who Lied to Women – Carol O’Connell
Spirit of Darkness – Anthology (Editor Unknown)
Poor Things – Alasdair Gray
Starship Troopers – Robert E. Heinlein
The Fall of the Towers – Samuel R. Delany
The Disappearance – Philip Wylie
Foundation – Isaac Asimov
Foundation and Empire – Isaac Asimov
Second Foundation – Isaac Asimov
Dune – Frank Herbert
Flights of Fear – Graham Masterton
The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart – Lawrence Block
Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch
Methods of Confinement – Simon Maginn
The Everlasting Story of Nory – Nicholson Baker
Vengeful Ghosts – C. E. Ward
Skeletons in the Closet – William I. I. Read
Kansas in August – Patrick Gale
Luminous – Greg Egan
Mallory’s Oracle – Carol O’Connell
Secret Strangers – Thomas Tessier
Nymphomation – Jeff Noon
Manitou Man – Graham Masterton
The Tale of Kelvin Walker – Alasdair Gray
ThiGMOO – Eugene Byrne
Headlong – Simon Ings
Nightwatcher – Charles Wilson
The Dream Archipelago – Christopher Priest
Ayuamarca – Darren O’Shaughnessy
Canto for a Gypsy – Martin Cruz Smith
City of the Iron Fish – Simon Ings
Virgins and Martyrs – Simon Maginn
Casablanca – Michael Moorcock
The Refuge – Chaz Brenchley
Driving Blind – Ray Bradbury
Rapture – Thomas Tessier
Summit – D. M. Thomas
St Agnes’ Stand – Thomas Eidson
Squall Line – James Hall
The Halloween Tree – Ray Bradbury
reMix – Jon Courtenay Grimwood
The Marriage of Sticks – Jonathan Carroll
The Fifth Head of Cerberus – Gene Wolfe
Safe as Houses – Carol Anne Davis
Voice of Our Shadow – Jonathan Carroll
Faith in the Flesh – Tim Lebbon
Kirinya – Ian McDonald
Resurrection Day – Brendan DuBois
The Rediscovery of Man – Cordwainer Smith
Kissing the Beehive – Jonathan Carroll
Legendary Horror Films – Peter Guttmacher
Glory – Jack Curtis
Glimmering – Elizabeth Hand
Lucky You – Carl Hiaasen
Plum Island – Nelson DeMille
Mayday – Nelson DeMille & Thomas Block
The State of The Art – Iain M. Banks
The Plato Papers – Peter Ackroyd
Among the Missing – Richard Laymon
Unnatural Exposure – Patricia Cornwell
The Path to the Spiders’ Nests – Italo Calvino
The Cassini Division – Ken MacLeod
Sleep No More – L. T. C. Rolt
Here Comes a Hero – Lawrence Block
Amsterdam – Ian McEwan
Rainbow Mars – Larry Niven
Matari – Luke Rhinehart
Harlot’s Moon – Ed Gorman
The Samaritan – Chaz Brenchley
Ten Tales Tall & True – Alasdair Gray
Paying the Piper – Sharyn McCrumb
The Clicking of Cuthbert – P. G. Wodehouse
Son of Rosemary – Ira Levin
Mr. Rinjo-Clacton’s Offer – Russell Hoban
Tea From An Empty Cup – Pat Cadigan
The Last Ride – Thomas Eidson
Birds of Prey – Wilbur Smith
The Mad Man – Samuel R. Delany
Wizard and Glass – Stephen King
Millennium – Edited by Douglas E. Winter
Lean Times in Lankhmar – Fritz Leiber
The Plato Papers – Peter Ackroyd
Teranesia – Greg Egan
The Vanishment – Jonathan Aycliffe
The Gate to Women’s Country – Sheri Tepper
Night Kills – Ed Gorman
Alexander at the World’s End – Tom Holt
China Mountain Zhang – Maureen F. McHugh
Obsession – Ramsey Campbell
Pixel Juice – Jeff Noon
Being Dead – Jim Crace
The Uncanny – Andrew Klavan
Pollen – Jeff Noon
Darker Angels – S. P. Somtow
Real Life: Real Spice – The Spice Girls
Iced – Carol Higgins Clark
The Woods Are Dark – Richard Laymon
Buffalo Gals and Other Animal Presences – Ursula K. LeGuin
Vampyrrhic – Simon Clark
The Gift of Stones – Jim Crace
The Sleeper in the Sands – Tom Holland
Star Struck – Val McDermid
The Heart of Myrial – Maggie Furey
Crime Wave – James Ellroy

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