Pete Online

Like pretty much everything else in my life, this page is a ‘work in progress’.

4 Responses to Pete Online

  1. Royce Prouty says:

    Wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my novel, Stoker’s Manuscript, and for taking the time to pen such a thoughtful review. I had a great time writing it. Your kind words are appreciated.

    Royce Prouty, author
    Stoker’s Manuscript

  2. Royce Prouty says:

    Thank you. Currently working on two projects, one of them is the second in the vampire series. Also have eight other novels, non-vampire, either in outline stage or partially written.
    Appreciate your well wishes.

    Royce Prouty

  3. Scott Miller says:

    Hello there. Thanks for the thoughtful (probably more thoughtful than they really deserve) write- ups regarding my contributions to the Read By Dawn collections. Nice of you to notice. Best, Scott S. Miller.

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