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6 Responses to About

  1. Like the new home, Pete. 🙂

  2. petertennant says:

    I think I’ve just approved you, not that you need my approval.

    Really don’t know what I’m doing here as yet. I keep expecting to break things 😦

  3. @mangozoid says:

    Is that THE Peter Tennant – wonderful to bump into you… Alex B 😉

    • petertennant says:

      Yep, THE Peter Tennant, as long as you mean the one who used to write lots of horror and SF stories, and not the guy who is big in Somerset Moth and Butterfly circles or the camp comedian Peter Tennant.
      And you… Alex B for Bardy, of Sierra Heaven fame, I’d guess. And if not, then who?

      • @mangozoid says:

        Hiya Peter, yup that’ll be the Peter I’m thinking of, and yup, that’ll be the Sierra Heaven Alex you’re thinking of. I’ve seen Roy Gray plenty of times (and always at Edge Lit), and he’s said “Peter Tennant’s around somewhere…” on several of those occasions, but never yet managed to find you… fingers crossed I’ll get to say hello some time this year – and yes, I’ll be at Edge Lit in July… 😉

  4. petertennant says:

    Apologies, Alex. Missed replying to this. I’m pretty much a homebody now and don’t do cons, not that I ever did that much. As for Edge Lit, never been there, so I don’t know who Roy has in mind – another Peter Tennant perhaps, or maybe he’s giving a very generic ‘around somewhere’.

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