Book Review Index

An Index of the book reviews posted to this blog, which will previously have appeared in Black Static and elsewhere, plus a few original to this site.

The ultimate aim is to post all my published book reviews to the blog, but as there are now over a thousand of them and I’m in no hurry to get it done, this could take quite some time.

Adams, Guy Countess Dracula – Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr Moreau

Allan, Nina MicrocosmosThe Race – The Silver Wind – Stardust: The Ruby Castle Stories

Anderton, Joanne The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories

Anonymous Dark Hall Press Cosmic Horror Anthology (Unknown Editor)

Ashley, Allen Creeping Crawlers (Editor) – The Elastic Books of Numbers, (Editor) – Where Are We Going? (Editor) – Whispers review of The Elastic Book of Numbers (Editor)

Atkins, Peter Rumours of the Marvellous

Ayres, Neil Nicolo’s Gifts

Bacon, Stephen Peel Back the Sky

Ballingrud, NathanThe Visible Filth

Barclay, Alex Darkhouse

Barker, Clive Abarat: Absolute Midnight – Scarlet Gospels, The – Weaveworld: 25th Anniversary Edition

Barlow, Toby Sharp Teeth

Barnes, Colin F. Dead Five’s Pass

Barry, Max Jennifer Government

Bassoff, Jon – Corrosion

Beamer, Amelia – The Loving Dead

Beckett, SimonWritten in Bone

Bell, AlexNinth Circle, The

Bell, PeterStrange Epiphanies

Benedict, A. K.The Beauty of Murder

Bennett, Robert JacksonThe Company Man

Berguño, GeorgeThe Tainted Earth

Bernstein, DavidRelic of Death

Berry, Hannah Adamtine

Bestwick, Simon Angels of the Silences – The Condemned – The Faceless Hell’s Ditch – Let’s Drink to the Dead – Thin Men with Yellow Faces (with Gary McMahon) – Tide of Souls

Bick, Isla J. – Ashes

Bird, Allyson Isis Unbound

Bishop, K. J. The Etched City

Black, CharlesThe Tenth Black Book of Horror Stories (Editor)

Boatman, Michael God Laughs When You Die – Revenant Road

Boston, Lucy M.Curfew & Other Eerie Tales

Boyne, John This House is Haunted

Bradley, Adam13: Tales of Dark Fiction  (Editor) – Morpheus Tales #16 (Editor)

Braunbeck, GaryCoffin County

Britton, David La Squab (illustrations by Kris Guido) – Lord Horror: Reverbstorm (graphics by John Coulthart)

Brockmeier, Kevin – The Brief History of the Dead

Brogden, JamesEvocations

BromThe Plucker

Brooks, Max The Zombie Survival Guide

Brower, Brock The Late Great Creature

Brown, Eric Famadihana on Fomalhaut IV

Buck, Alison Evil Abiding

Burgess, Melvin Hunger

Butscher, Michael Book of Voices

Cadigan, Pat Chalk

Campbell, Aifric The Semantics of Murder

Campbell, Ramsey Ghosts Know Holes for Faces The Inhabitant of the Lake & Other Unwelcome Tenants – The Kind Folk The Last Revelation of Gla’aki – The Overnight – The Pretence

Carey, Mike Dead Men’s Boots

Carlotto, Massimo The Master of Knots

Carofiglio, Gianrico The Past is a Foreign Country

Cazotte, Jacques The Devil in Love

Chance, AlexThe Final Days

Charles, Garry Hammerhead – Heaven’s Falling Volume One: Ascension

Chinn, MikeGive Me These Moments Back

Chizmar, RichardDark Screams Volume Three (Edited with Brian James Freeman) – Dark Screams Volume Four (Edited with Brian James Freeman) – Dark Screams Volume Five (Edited with Brain James Freeman)

Clark, Simon Exorcising Angels (with Tim Lebbon) – The Fall – London Under Midnight

Clarke, Roger A Natural History of Ghosts

Clarke, Stephen J. In Delirium’s Circle

Cluley, RayThe Curse of the Zombie – Probably MonstersWithin the Wind, Beneath the Snow

Cobb, Vincent Nemesis

Connolly, John The Black Angel – The Wrath of Angels

Cooper, JamesDark FatherStrange Fruit

Coulthart, JohnLord Horror: Reverbstorm (story by David Britton)

Couzens, GaryDeep Ten (Editor with Sara-Jayne Townsend) – Second Contact and Other Stories

Coward, Mat So Far, So Near – Success… And How To Avoid It

Crace, Jim Six

Curran, Tim Blackout – Bone Marrow StewSow

Cushing, Nicole I Am the New God – The MirrorsMr. Suicide

Dane, RavenAbsinthe & Arsenic

Datlow, Ellen The Best Horror of the Year Volume Four (Editor) – The Cutting Room (Editor) – The Dark (Editor) – Fearful Symmetries (Editor) – Hauntings (Editor) – Inferno (Editor) – Nightmare Carnival (Editor) – Poe (Editor)

Davies, OwenThe Haunted

Davis, Alex Film Gutter Volume 1 – X7 (Editor) – Reality Bites (Editor)

Davis, Robert A Lust for Lead

Deane, Andy No Turning Back

Dearborn, Kristin Trinity

Dehnel, Jacek Saturn

Deininger, Keith Marrow’s Pit – The New Flesh

DeLuca, Sandy Hell’s Door Messages from the Dead – Reign of Blood

De Pierres, Marianne Nylon Angel

De Silva, DiegoI Want to Watch

Dillon, Mark FullerIn A Season of Dead Weather

Dirge, Roman Taxidermied: The Art of Roman Dirge

D’Lacey, Joseph Garbage Man – Meat

Dowker, Felicity Bread and Circuses

Downum, AmandaDreams of Shreds & Tatters

Drake, Ennis The Day and The Hour – 28 Teeth of Rage

Duncan, Glen The Bloodstone Papers – Death Of An Ordinary Man

Edelman, ScottWhat Will Come After: The Complete Zombie Stories of Scott Edelman

Edwards, JanLeinster Gardens and Other Subtleties

Evans, Justin The White Devil

Everson, JohnCovenant

Ewers, Hanns HeinzAlraune

Farrington, GeoffreyRevenants, The

Finch, Paul Enemies at the DoorKing Death – Terror Tales of East Anglia (Editor) – Terror Tales of the Ocean (Editor) – Terror Tales of the Scottish Highlands (Editor) – Terror Tales of Wales (Editor) – Terror Tales of Yorkshire (Editor)

Fischer, Jason Everything is a Graveyard

Fitzek, Sebastian Therapy

Fletcher, TomThe Home – Safe Children, The

Fowler, Christopher Demonized – Old Devil Moon –  On the LooseThe Victoria VanishesWhite Corridor

Freeman, Brian James Dark Screams Volume Three (Edited with Richard Chizmar) – Dark Screams Volume Four (Edited with Richard Chizmar) – Dark Screams Volume Five (Edited with Richard Chizmar) – The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book (with Bev Vincent) – The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia Book (with Hans-Åke Lilja & Kevin Quigley)

Fry, Gary Bernie Herrmann’s Manic Sextet (Editor) – Conjure House – Emergence – Lurker – Menace – Poe’s Progeny (Editor) – The Respectable Face of Tyranny – Savage – Severed – Shades of Nothingness

Fulbright, Christopher Elderwood Manor (with Angeline Hawkes)

Gardiner, Jeff A Glimpse of the Numinous

Gardner, Cate Barbed Wire Hearts The Bureau of Them – In the Broken Birdcage of Kathleen Fair – Nowhere Hall – Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits and Other Curious Things – Theatre of Curious Acts

Gardner, Lisa Say Goodbye

Gates, JaymRigor Amortis (Editor with Erika Holt)

Gavin, Richard At Fear’s Altar

Gentle, Mary White Crow

Gifune, GregOasis of the Damned

Giglio, Peter When We Fall

Goldsmith, Gardner Bite

Goodfellow, CodyThe Day Before (with John Skipp) – Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Gorman, Ed Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Book Two: City of Night (with Dean Koontz)

Grabinski, Stefan The Dark Domain

Grant, Helen The Sea Change & Other Stories

Grant, John Take No Prisoners

Gray, RoyThe Joy of Technology

Green, JonathanSharkpunk (Editor)

Gregory, Stephen The Perils & Dangers of This Night

Gresh, Lois H.The Science of Stephen King (with Robert Weinberg)

Grimwood, TerryAxe – Soul Masque

Grytten, Frode The Shadow in the River

Gryzb, Liz The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2012 (with Talie Helene)

Guido, KrisLa Squab (text by David Britton)

Gunn, DerekVampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder

Hamilton, Laurell K. FlirtThe Harlequin – Incubus Dreams

Hands, Diverse Brainchild

Hannett, Lisa L. Bluegrass Symphony – The Female Factory (with Angela Slatter) – Midnight and Moonshine (with Angela Slatter)

Harmes, Marcus K.The Curse of Frankenstein

Harris, CharlaineClub DeadDead And GoneDead Until DarkLiving Dead in Dallas

Harrison, M. JohnGetting Out of There

Harrison, ScottWhispers in the Dark (Editor)

Hartwell, David G. The Mammoth Book of 20th Century Science Fiction Volume One (Editor)

Hawkes, Angeline Elderwood Manor (with Christopher Fulbright)

Hayder, Mo Pig Island

Haynes, William P.The Curse of Mephisto’s Seed

Hearn, LafcadioInsect Literature

Helene, Talie The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2012 (with Liz Gryzb)

Hill, Joe Heart-Shaped Box

Hill, WillThe Sad Tale of the Deakins Boys

Hinchcliffe, SallyOut of a Clear Sky

Hinton, S. E. Hawkes Harbor

Hirshberg, Glen Motherless Child

Hodge, Brian Whom the Gods Would Destroy – World of Hurt

Hoffman, Alice Blackbird House

Holt, Anne The Final Murder

Holt, ErikaRigor Amortis (Editor with Jaym Gates)

Hook, Andrew And God Created ZombiesThe Immortalists – Nitrospective – Ponthe Oldenguine

Houarner, GerardThe Oz Suite

Houellebecq, Michel H. P. Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life

Howard, John Written By Daylight

Howison, DelMidian Unmade (Editor with Joseph Nassise)

Hughes, RhysOrpheus on the Underground and Other Stories – Twisthorn Bellow

Hurley, Andrew MichaelThe Loney

Huston, CharlieNo Dominion

Hutson, Shaun Hell to Pay The Revenge of Frankenstein – Twisted Souls

Irwin, Stephen M. The Broken Ones – The Darkening

Jenner, Leon Bricks

Jensen, Jane Dante’s Equations

Johnstone, Carole The Bright Day is Done – Frenzy

Johnstone, TomHorror Uncut (Editor with Joel Lane)

Jones, Stephen A Book of Horrors (Editor) – Don’t Turn Out the Light (Editor) – Horrorology (Editor) – Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of H. P. Lovecraft (Editor) – Shadows Over Innsmouth (Editor) – Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth (Editor) – Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth (Editor)

Jonez, Kate Candy House – Ceremony of Flies – Little Visible Delight (Editor, with S. P. Miskowski)

Jonquet, Thierry Tarantula

Joshi, S. T. Black Wings II (Editor)

Joyce, Graham The Silent Land

Kafka, Franz The Castle (adapted by David Zane Mairowitz & Jaromir 99)

Kane, C. S. Shattered

Kane, Paul Creakers – Monsters

Karl, JasonAn Illustrated History of the Haunted World

Karr, LeeThe Making of George A. Romero’s Day of The Dead

Keene, BrianGhost Walk – Urban Gothic

Kellerman, Jonathan Twisted

Kelly, Michael Chilling Tales – Evil Did I Dwell: Lewd Did I Live (Editor) – Shadows & Tall Trees #3 (Editor) – Undertow and Other Laments

Kent, Jasper The Third Section

Kilpatrick, NancyDanse Macabre (Editor) – Vampyric Variations

King, Stephen Wolves of the Calla

Kitakata, Kenzo The Cage

Koontz, Dean – Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Book Two: City of Night (with Ed Gorman)

Kupfer, Allen C. The Journal of Professor Abraham Van Helsing

Lanagan, Margo We Three Kids

Landis, John Monsters in the Movies

Lane, Joel Horror Uncut (Editor with Tom Johnstone) – The Terrible Changes Where Furnaces Burn – The Witnesses Are Gone

Langan, John The Wide Carnivorous Sky & Other Monstrous Geographies

Langan, Sarah Audrey’s Door – Virus

Lansdale, Joe R. Flaming London

Lavender, WillObedience

Lawson, Sharon Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution (Editor, with Anthony Rivera)

Lebbon, Tim ColdbrookDesolation – Exorcising Angels (with Simon Clark) – Shifting of VeilsStill Life

Lee, DianaA Taste for Blood

Lee, EdwardBrides of the Impaler

Lee, Stan Bring on the Bad Guys

Lee, TanithBlood 20: Tales of Vampire HorrorColder Greyer Stones – Death of the Day

Lee, TonyHulk – Premonitions: Causes for Alarm (Editor) 

Leeder, MurrayHalloween

Lees, Tim Gods of LA – The Life to Come – News From Unknown Countries

Le Fanu, J. Sheridan Carmilla

Levene, RebeccaAnno Mortis – Jews Versus Zombies (Editor with Lavie Tidhar)

Lewis, D. F. Cern Zoo: Nemonymous Nine (Editor) – The First Book of Classical Horror Stories (Editor) – Horror Without Victims (Editor) – Weirdmonger

Ligotti, ThomasTeatro Grottesco

Lilja, Hans-Åke The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia Book (with Brian James Freeman & Kevin Quigley)

Lilly, EvangelineThe Squickerwonkers

Lindqvist, John Ajvide Handling the Undead

Lindsay, Jeff Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Lloyd, Rebecca Mercy and Other Stories

Lovecraft, H. P. The Shadow Out of Time (adapted by I. N. J. Culbard)

Lovegrove, JamesGig

Lumley, Brian Ghoul Warning and Other Omens – Harry Keogh Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes – The House of Cthulhu – Necroscope: The Touch – Screaming Science Fiction

Machen, Arthur The Great God Pan

MacLeod, Ian R. The Reparateur of Strasbourg

Magrs, Paul Aisles – Something Borrowed

Maguire, Emily Taming the Beast

Malfi, RonaldA Shrill Keening

Mann, AntonyMilo & I

Marillier, Juliet Prickle Moon

Marks, JohnFangland

Marriott, James The Descent

Marshall-Jones, Simon The 13 Ghosts of Christmas (Editor)

Massie, Elizabeth Hell Gate

Masterton, GrahamThe Painted Man

Matheson, Richard Earthbound – A Stir of Echoes

Matheson, Richard ChristianThe Ritual of Illusion

Mathew, DavidO My Days – Paranoid Landscapes

Maynard Sims (L. H. Maynard & M. P. N. Sims) Dead Water (Editors) – Falling Into Heaven – Flame & Other Enigmatic Tales A Haunting of Ghosts – Shelter

McAuley, Paul White Devils

McBride, Michael Blindspot

McCullough, Joseph A.Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide

McGeagh, Stephen Habit

McMahon, Gary The Bones of You The End – How to Make MonstersThe Night Just Got Darker – NightsidersReaping the Dark – Silent Voices – Tales of The Weak & The WoundedThere’s a Bluebird in My Heart – Thin Men with Yellow Faces (with Simon Bestwick) – Visions Fading Fast (Editor) – We Fade to Grey (Editor) – Where You Live

Meik, Vivian Devil’s Drums

Meikle, William Broken Sigil – Carnacki: Heaven and Hell – Crustaceans

Melechi, AntonioServants of the Supernatural

Mellon, Mark Roman Hell

Meloy, Paul Dogs With Their Eyes Shut – The Night Clock

Miller, Ian The Art of Ian Miller

Mills, Daniel The Lord Came at Twilight – Revenants

Minnion, Keith Dark Work

Miskowski, S. P. Astoria – Delphine Dodd In the Light – Knock Knock – Little Visible Delight (Editor, with Kate Jonez)

Montanari, Richard The Skin Gods

Moore, Alison The Harvestman – Small Animals

Moore, Christopher Practical Demonkeeping

Moore, James A.Blood Red

Moore, Ralph Robert As Dead As Me – Remove the Eyes

Morgan, ChristineTeeming Terrors

Morris, Mark Albion Fay – Cinema Macabre (Editor) – It Sustains Long Shadows, Nightmare LightThe Spectral Book of Horror Stories (Editor) –  Vampire Circus

Mosby, Steve Cry for HelpDark Room – The Third Person

Nassise, JosephMidian Unmade (Editor, with Del Howison)

Newman, Rob New Ghost Stories (Editor)

Niveau, ThanaFrom Hell to Eternity

Normanton, PeterThe Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics (Editor)

Oliver, Jonathan House of Fear (Editor) – Magic (Editor)

Oliver, Reggie The Complete Symphonies of Adolf HitlerShadow Plays

Olsen, Lance Nietzsche’s Kisses

Olson, DanelStanley Kubrick’s The Shining: Studies in the Horror Film (Editor)

Owen, Kelli Deceivers

Palahniuk, Chuck Haunted

Parker, Rosalie The Old Knowledge & Other Strange Tales – Strange Tales Volume IV (Editor) – Strange Tales Volume V (Editor)

Parker Russell, Timothy Dark World: Ghost Stories

Pedersen, NateThe Starry Wisdom Library (Editor)

Pepper, Penny Desires

Perry, Anne Acceptable Loss

Perry, S. D. Resident Evil Volume I: The Umbrella Conspiracy

Pillar, Amanda Bloodstones

Pinborough, Sarah CharmThe Chosen Seed – The Death House Feeding Ground – The Language of Dying – A Matter of Blood – Mayhem – Murder Tower Hill

Pitman, MarionMusic in the Bone and Other Stories

Poole, Benjamin Saw

Prentiss, Norman The Fleshless Man

Priest, Cherie Not Flesh Nor Feathers

Probert, John Llewellyn – Catacombs of Fear, TheThe Hammer of Dr. ValentineThe House That Death Built – The Nine Deaths of Dr. Valentine – Ward 19

Prouty, Royce Stoker’s Manuscript

Pugmire, Wilum H. Gathered Dust and OthersUncommon Places: A Collection of Exquisites

Pulver, Joseph S,. Sr Portraits of Ruin – A Season in Carcosa (Editor)

Quigley, Kevin The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia Book (with Brian James Freeman & Hans-Åke Lilja)

Rabinowitz, Rosanne Helen’s Story

Ramslie, Lars Uglybugly

Ransom, ChristopherThe Birthing House

Reay, Joanne Romeo Spikes

Rector, Jeani A Feast of Frights from The Horror Zine (Editor)

Red, Eric Don’t Stand So Close

Redwood, Steve Fisher of Devils

Reed, Robert Sister Alice

Reynier, Michael Five Degrees of Latitude

Rice, Anne Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story (with Ashley Marie Witter)

Richards, TonyDark Rain – Going Back – Night of DemonsShadows and Other Tales – The Universal and Other Terrors

Rivera, Anthony Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution (Editor, with Sharon Lawson)

Rix, David Feather

Rocha, KatWhispers from the Abyss (Editor)

Roland, PaulThe Curious Case of H. P. Lovecraft

Rollo, Gord CrimsonThe Dark Side of Heaven – The Jigsaw Man

Roman, Steven A. Final Destination: Dead Man’s Hand

Rose, David Puck

Rose, James The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Rose, Karen I Can See You

Ross, LeoneThe Woman Who Lived in a Restaurant

Royle, Nicholas AntwerpDreams Never End (Editor) – The Enigma of Departure – Murmurations (Editor) – Regicide

Rucker, Lynda E.The Moon Will Look Strange

Ruff, MattBad Monkeys

Russell, JayApocalypse Now, Voyager

Russell, R. B. Literary Remains

Rutter, John D.Last Christmas

Ryker, Alan The HoardIn the Shadows of Children – Nightmare Man

Sagan, NickIdlewild

Salisbury, Gavin Fade-Out

Salisbury, Mark Dark Shadows: The Visual Companion

Salzman, Anne-Sylvie Darkscapes

SanGiovanni, Mary The Fading Place

Saunders, CraigBloodeye

Schlozman, Steve C.The Zombie Autopsies

Schweitzer, DarrellThat Is Not Dead (Editor)

Scudder, HilaryM

Sennitt, Stephen Creatures of Clay and other stories of the macabre

Serra, Daniele Veins and Skulls

Shapiro, Eric Love and Zombies

Shepard, Lucius Floater

Shiel, M. P. Xelucha

Showers, Brian J. Old Albert – An Epilogue

Sigler, ScottInfected

Silvis, Randall Flying Fish

Simmons, Dan Ilium

Simms, Chris Killing the Beasts

Simsa, CyrilLost Cartographies

Skipp, John The Day Before (with Cody Goodfellow)

Slatter, Angela The Bitterwood Bible and Other RecountingsThe Female Factory (with Lisa L. Hannett) – Midnight and Moonshine (with Lisa L. Hannett) – Of Sorrow and Such

Smith, DouglasImpossibilia

Smith, John ClaudeAutumn in the Abyss

Smith, MatthewThe Words of Their Roaring

Smith, Michael MarshallWhat Happens When You Wake Up In the Middle of the Night

Smith, ScottThe Ruins

Sokoloff, AlexandraThe HarrowingThe Price

Southard, Nate Down

Spector, Craig Underground

Speegle, Darren A Dirge for the Temporal – Gothic Wine

Sprange, MatthewDeath Hulk

Staley, Shane DarkFuse #1 (Editor)

Steinmeyer, Jim Charles Fort

Stewart, Sean Firecracker

Stoker, Bram The Lair of the White Worm

Stone, Michael Fourfold

Stone, Sam The Darkness WithinKat on Hot Tin AirshipWhat’s Dead Pussykat – Zombies at Tiffany’s

Strand, JeffFacial

Strantzas, Simon Cold to the TouchNightingale SongsShadows Edge (Editor) – These Last Embers

Straub, Peter In the Night Room – Lost Boy Lost Girl

Sullivan, Tricia Maul

Sulway, N. A. Rupetta

Sutton, David A.Dead Water and Other Weird Tales

Suzuki, Koji Dark Water

Taborska, AnnaFor Those Who Dream Monsters

Tallerman, David The Way of the Leaves

Tanzer, MollyThe Pleasure MerchantVermilion

Tate, Toby The Black Church

Taylor, LucyA Respite for the Dead

Tem, Steve RasnicDeadfall Hotel Onion Songs Twember – Ugly Behavior

Thomas, Jeffrey Red Cells

Thomas, LeeThe German

Thompson, Alice Burnt Island

Thompson, Douglas Mechagnosis

Thompson, Lee When We Join Jesus in Hell

Tidhar, LavieJews Versus Zombies (Editor with Rebecca Levene)

Townsend, Sara-JayneDeep Ten (Editor with Gary Couzens)

Travis, JulieStorylandia #15

Turner, PeterThe Blair Witch Project

Tyson, DonaldThe Lovecraft Coven

UnknownChambers Dictionary of the Unexplained

Unsworth, Simon KurtThe Devil’s Detective – Lost Places – Strange Gateways

Vasset, Philippe Script Generator

Venables, Toby Viking Dead

Vidal, Gore The Smithsonian Institute

Vincent, Bev The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book (with Brian James Freeman)

Volk, Stephen Dark Corners – Leytonstone – Monsters in the Heart Whitstable

Von Biela, Lisa Ash and Bone

Waggoner, Tim Nightmare on Elm Street: Protégé

Warren, Ross Darker Minds (Editor, with Anthony Watson) – Darkest Minds (Editor, with Anthony Watson)

Watson, Anthony Darker Minds (Editor, with Ross Warren) – Darkest Minds (Editor, with Ross Warren)

Weekes, CarolTerribilis

Weinberg, RobertThe Science of Stephen King (with Lois H. Gresh)

Wells, DanMr Monster

West, Mark Strange Tales – What Gets Left Behind

Westerfeld, ScottParasite Positive

Wexler, Robert Freeman In Springdale Town

Wheatle, AlexThe Seven Sisters

White, Wrath James Sacrifice

Whiteley, Aliya Light Reading – Three Things About Me

Wilde, BarbieVoices of the Damned

Wilkins, Kim The Year of Ancient Ghosts

Williams, Charlie Fags and LagerStairway to Heaven

Williams, ConradBorn With Teeth – The Fox – Gutshot (Editor) – The Unblemished

Wilson, F. Paul Infernal

Witter, Ashley Marie Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story (with Anne Rice)

Wright, Angela Gothic Fiction: A Reader’s Guide to Essential Criticism

Wyckoff, Jason A. Black Horse and Other Strange Stories

Yamada, Taichi Strangers

Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn States of Grace

Young, Stuart Demons and Devilry – The Mask Behind the Face Spare Parts

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