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A Little Ditty

So, Saturday evening I’m on the phone with The Imaginary Girlfriend, and things are going swimmingly when I forget myself and mention in passing a lady who I find moderately attractive. Suddenly we’ve gone straight to DEFCON One, and there … Continue reading

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True Colours

I love this song, even if Cyndi is American and crepe at spelling.

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Thoughts at the Start of the Week

ITEM: When I got the new computer back in November (and it doesn’t seem that long ago) it came with a free 90 day trial of BullGuard security, and that ninety days is now nearly up, as it reminds me just about every … Continue reading

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Wrecking Ball

New Springsteen album out on 6 March. Usually I need time to get used to any new material, but this baby rocks the joint:-   So is ‘Calvary’ simply a typo, or somebody’s Freudian slip revealing Bruce Frederick’s messianic status?

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Pete’s Picks for 2011 – Part Two

I’m cross posting this with the Case Notes blog where it will pop up on the 23rd, so those of you who read my personal blog will get a chance to be indifferent about the books I especially liked in … Continue reading

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Late Thoughts on a Slow Wednesday #3

ITEM: Thank you HMV for, in your infinite wisdom, shelving Big Tits Zombie in the World Cinema section of your store and allowing my beloved Horror genre to retain its one last shred of dignity. ITEM: I didn’t buy any … Continue reading

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Girls on Film

I eased myself into the New Year by watching a trio of films based on computer games and with strong female leads. DOA: Dead or Alive (2006) Like Charlie’s Angels, but with more women and less clothes. Though she’s no … Continue reading

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