Books Read in 1975

Due to popular demand (well Stephen Theaker seemed to think it was a good idea, and I give him huge respect as the only person I know who seems possibly even more anal retentive about books than I am) I’ve decided to follow Art Garfunkel’s example and list on this blog all the books I’ve read, adding one year each month until we get up to date, or I get bored with it all, or don’t have time, or die, or…

You get the picture.

Anyway, I did some checking and apparently I didn’t start listing books read in 1973, or if I did I can’t find that list.

Pete’s big old list begins on the 26th of August 1975, and between then and the end of the year I read 46 books (as listed below).

Moorcock is the most read author by a long stretch, with Farmer trailing in second.

My big discovery of the year was Gore Vidal, whose Myra Breckinridge I picked up simply because it had a picture of Raquel Welch in a star spangled swimsuit on the cover, a tie-in with the movie in which she’d starred (Vidal had protested she was too masculine for the role, as I recall). I subsequently read everything by Vidal that I could get my hands on, so prurience can lead to higher things.

Actually, I might have read the book earlier and been reprising it here.

On my 21st birthday I was reading Jack Vance.

And it appears that I wasn’t interested in women at this stage in my life, though I did have a soft spot for the Florentine Renaissance.

Here’s the list:-

The Florentine Renaissance – Vincent Cronin

Not Before Time – John Brunner

The Shores of Death – Michael Moorcock

Myra Breckinridge – Gore Vidal

Seven Footprints to Satan – Abraham Merritt

The Eternal Champion – Michael Moorcock

Phoenix in Obsidian – Michael Moorcock

The Flowering of the Renaissance – Vincent Cronin

I Sing the Body Electric – Ray Bradbury

The Bull and the Spear – Michael Moorcock

The Oak and the Ram – Michael Moorcock

Metamorphosis and Other Stories – Franz Kafka

Methuselah’s Children – Robert A. Heinlein

Time Enough for Love – Robert A. Heinlein

The Image of the Beast – Philip Jose Farmer

Occultism – Julien Tondriau

Up the Line – Robert Silverberg

The Electronic Lullaby Meat Market – John Spencer

Catch-22 – Joseph Heller

The People Trap – Robert Sheckley

The Space Merchants – Cyril Kornbluth & Frederick Pohl

Count Brass – Michael Moorcock

The Champion of Garathorm – Michael Moorcock

The Quest for Tanelorn – Michael Moorcock

Indoctrinaire – Christopher Priest

The Thirst Quenchers – Rick Raphael

Mindswap – Robert Sheckley

Out of Space and Time Volume II – Clark Ashton Smith

The Planet Buyer – Cordwainer Smith

The Underpeople – Cordwainer Smith

Sirius – Olaf Stapledon

The Anome – Jack Vance

The Brave Free Men – Jack Vance

The Asutra – Jack Vance

The Wind Whales of Ishmael – Philip Jose Farmer

The Moon of Skulls – Robert E. Howard

The Hand of Kane – Robert E. Howard

Solomon Kane – Robert E. Howard

Dare – Philip Jose Farmer

Beyond This Horizon – Robert A. Heinlein

The Alley God – Philip Jose Farmer

The Starbeast – Robert A. Heinlein

The Fabulous Riverboat – Philip Jose Farmer

Stonehenge – Harry Harrison & Leon E. Stover

The Battle of Forever – A. E. Van Vogt

The Day It Rained Forever – Ray Bradbury

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3 Responses to Books Read in 1975

  1. Thanks – it’s as interesting as I’d hoped! I think I’ve read 23 of those. Reminds me that quite a lot of the others are still on my shelves – e.g. Up the Line, Dare, Indoctrinaire.

    • petertennant says:

      I remember little about the other two you mention, but I loved “Up the Line” and must have read it a couple of times at least. A very underrated Silverberg, and as far as that author goes I must admit that I went off him when he discovered Majipoor and started to produce doorstops. Much prefer the leaner work of his middle years, though I suppose now they’d be his early years.

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