Books Read in 1992

This post follows on from Books Read in 1991, which I posted back in March.

And the upward trend with numbers continues – 105 books read this year, compared to 96 in 1991.

The big discoveries of the year were Elizabeth Hand, Alasdair Gray, Patrick McGrath, and the truly wonderful Nicholson Baker, albeit Vox was only a small intimation of the pleasures to come. And then there was Howard Waldrop, who I liked so much that I read all three of his books then in print in the UK, and haven’t read any since for reasons I can’t really fathom. Under the heading ‘discovered but not really taken to’ we have crime writer Sara Paretsky and literary heavyweight Don DeLillo.

The highlight of the year was without a doubt Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. I hadn’t been all that taken with One Hundred Years of Solitude, so came to this with low expectations. I can still remember sitting down on the bench on the seafront at Cromer on a blazing hot day intending to pass quarter of an hour or so, and then looking up nearly an hour and a half later with no idea of the passage of time having been so completely blown away by the lush, seductive prose. And the low point was probably the Sidney Sheldon book which I read to humour a friend to whom I’d lent plenty of books and who wished to repay the favour. Yes, well.

On this day in 1992 I was reading The Broken Wheel, a volume in David Wingrove’s Chung Kuo series of novels detailing a future in which the Chinese are dominant. And on the occasion of my 38th birthday I was reading A Pelican at Blandings by the inimitable (I know, I’ve tried) P. G. Wodehouse, which was almost certainly as much fun as it sounds.

As usual, most of the author details have been completed from memory (and I’ve no idea who wrote Matisse, a book about the painter lent to me by an artist friend who was trying to convince me there was more to art than Surrealism) so if you see something that looks incorrect please shout.

The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

The UFO Phenomenon – Time-Life Books (author unknown)

Phases of Gravity – Dan R. Simmons

A Child Across the Sky – Jonathan Carroll

Winterlong – Elizabeth Hand

The Hellbound Heart – Clive Barker

A Graveyard for Lunatics – Ray Bradbury

The 158-Pound Marriage – John Irving

The Life and Death of My Lord Gilles De Rais – Robert Nye

The One Hundred and Twenty Days of Sodom – Marquis De Sade

The Worthing Saga – Orson Scott Card

Deadlock – Sara Paretsky

Dinner at Deviant’s Palace – Tim Powers

Vineland – Thomas Pynchon

The Poetry Book Society Anthology 2 – Edited by Anne Stevenson

The Night Man – K. W. Jeter

The Deep – Peter Benchley

Lives of the Poets – E. L. Doctorow

Strange Things in Close Up – Howard Waldrop

Homer and the Heroic Age – J. V. Luce

Willard and His Bowling Trophies – Richard Brautigan

Pandora by Holly Hollander – Gene Wolfe

Time Storm – Gordon R. Dickson

Misery – Stephen King

Pinocchio in Venice – Robert M. Coover

Songs From the Stars – Norman Spinrad

A Time to Die – Wilbur Smith

By Bizarre Hands – Joe R. Lansdale

Wyrms – Orson Scott Card

Blood on the Moon – James Ellroy

Victorian Ghost Stories: An Oxford Anthology – Edited by Michael Cox & R. A. Gilbert

Darkness, Tell Us – Richard Laymon

Poems And Versions – David Wright

Rene Magritte – Jacques Meuris

Mao II – Don DeLillo

Juniper Time – Kate Wilhelm

Exterminator – William S. Burroughs

Summer of Night – Dan R. Simmons

Shout At the Devil – Wilbur Smith

Love in the Time of Cholera – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The City, Not Long After – Pat Murphy

Over the Edge – Jonathan Kellerman

Patterns – Pat Cadigan

Full Circle – Peter Straub

The Quest for Ulysses – W. B. Stanford & J. V. Luce

The Broken Wheel – David Wingrove

The Night of the Moonbow – Thomas Tryon

Cycle of the Werewolf – Stephen King

Night of the Cooters – Howard Waldrop

Something Leather – Alasdair Gray

Outside the Dog Museum – Jonathan Carroll

Toxic Shock – Sara Paretsky

Robert Graves: Collected Poems

Matisse –

Houses Without Doors – Peter Straub

L. A. Confidential – James Ellroy

A Village Called Sin – Guy Bellamy

The Fall of Hyperion – Dan R. Simmons

Anything for Billy – Larry McMurtry

Night of the Seventh Darkness – Daniel Easterman

Soldier of Arete – Gene Wolfe

The Butcher’s Theatre – Jonathan Kellerman

Elephant Song – Wilbur Smith

The Black Reaper – Bernard Capes

Spider – Patrick McGrath

The Glass Hammer – K. W. Jeter

Rat Trap – Craig Thomas

Evil Water – Ian Watson

Flesh – Philip Jose Farmer

Perdido – Chase Twichell

ARh+ – H. R. Giger

The Centauri Device – M. John Harrison

Ladies, Too – Ed McBain

Vox – Nicholson Baker

The Abyss – Orson Scott Card

The Night Mayor – Kim Newman

Sliver – Ira Levin

Conan the Avenger – Robert E. Howard, Björn Nyberg and L. Sprague de Camp

The Five Great Novels of James M. Cain

Some Sort of Epic Grandeur: The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald – Matthew Broccoli

Nightfall – Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg

Vampire Junction – S. P. Somtow

The Monstrous Regiment – Storm Constantine

The Mandeville Talent – George V. Higgins

Maps in a Mirror Volume One – Orson Scott Card

Maps in a Mirror Volume Two – Orson Scott Card

The Sadeian Woman – Angela Carter

Castleview – Gene Wolfe

Phrase Book – Jo Shapcott

Imajica – Clive Barker

Blood and Water and Other Tales – Patrick McGrath

Trial – Clifford Irving

The Architecture of Desire – Mary Gentle

In Her Day – Rita Mae Brown

Blood Test – Jonathan Kellerman

The White Mists of Power – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

A Pelican at Blandings – P. G. Wodehouse

If You Could See Me Now – Peter Straub

Ultraterranium: Paintings of Bruce Pennington – Bruce Pennington and Nigel Suckling

Father Brown – G. K. Chesterton

The Doomsday Conspiracy – Sidney Sheldon

The Tides of Lust – Samuel R. Delany

Stallion Gate – Martin Cruz Smith

Jago – Kim Newman

Them Bones – Howard Waldrop

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