Books Read in 1991

Following on from last month’s Books Read in 1990.

And the numbers are on the up, with 96 books read, and if I wanted to be pedantic and push the figure over 100 I could point out that there’s a Mary Renault trilogy and a Lawrence Durrell quartet.

With hindsight, it looks like a year when I consolidated my familiarity with the oeuvres of some recent favourites (Ellroy, Card, Renault, and Barker). The big discoveries of the year were Richard Laymon and Jonathan Carroll, two very different writers. Laymon I first heard of via Fear magazine. I enjoyed The Cellar, loved Funland and The Stake, then almost gave up on the guy after reading the awful Resurrection Dreams. Carroll was in a genre of his very own, and I became a constant reader of his work.

On this day in 1991 I was reading Simak’s Our Children’s Children which I’d been sent to review for the old Dream magazine. Dream editor Trevor Jones was the first person to ask me to write reviews, and this appeared in #29 (July 1991), my fifth ever published review. And on the occasion of my 37th birthday I was reading a book about the artist Roy Lichtenstein.

As usual, most of the author details have been completed from memory, so if you see something that looks incorrect please shout.

Here’s the list:-

The Call of the Wild, White Fang and other Stories – Jack London

Night Shift – Stephen King

The Lavalite World – Philip Jose Farmer

Suicide Hill – James Ellroy

Myra Breckinridge – Gore Vidal

Outside History – Eavan Boland

The Cellar – Richard Laymon

The Last Coin – James P. Blaylock

Gorky Park – Martin Cruz Smith

Cold Hand in Mine – Robert Aickman

Aegypt – John Crowley

The Poetry Book Society Anthology 1- Edited by Fraser Steel

Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin – P. G. Wodehouse

Endangered Species – Gene Wolfe

Dead Man’s Folly – Agatha Christie

Serpent’s Reach – C. J. Cherryh

The Night Land – William Hope Hodgson

Our Children’s Children – Clifford D. Simak

The Silent Executioner – Marcel Allain & Pierre Souvestre

Beyond The Beyond – Poul Anderson

Cabal – Clive Barker

The Motion of Light in Water – Samuel R. Delany

The Praise Singer – Mary Renault

Carrion Comfort – Dan Simmons

Ciruelo – Ciruelo Cabral

Flux and The Tin Angel – Ron Goulart

Polar Star – Martin Cruz Smith

Ancient Japan – Edward Kidder

Blue World – Robert R. McCammon

The Way of the Samurai – Richard Storry

Lord Valentine’s Castle – Robert Silverberg

Majipoor Chronicles – Robert Silverberg

Valentine Pontifex – Robert Silverberg

The Plague – Albert Camus

Dog Fox Field – Les Murray

The Alexander Trilogy – Mary Renault

Red Dreams – Dennis Etchison

Lake Woebegone Days – Garrison Keillor

Silent Terror – James Ellroy

Drinking Sapphire Wine – Tanith Lee

Funland – Richard Laymon

Gold Mine – Wilbur Smith

Speaker For The Dead – Orson Scott Card

Nightmares in the Sky – F. Stop Fitzgerald

Poodle Springs – Raymond Chandler & Robert B. Parker

Bones of the Moon – Jonathan Carroll

Service with a Smile – P. G. Wodehouse

The Great and Secret Show – Clive Barker

The Quest for Gaia – Kit Pedler

The Unsettled Dust – Robert Aickman

Hyperion – Dan Simmons

The Stake – Richard Laymon

The Mask of Apollo – Mary Renault

The Black Dahlia – James Ellroy

Capricorn Games – Robert Silverberg

Kalimantan – Lucius Shepard

Kala – Nicholas Luard

Mystery – Peter Straub

Clear and Present Danger – Tom Clancy

Creed – James Herbert

Red Prophet – Orson Scott Card

Prentice Alvin – Orson Scott Card

Householder – Geoffrey Woodward

Sleeping in Flame – Marion Zimmer Bradley

Strega – Andrew Vachss

A Mask for the General – Lisa Goldstein

The Model – Robert Aickman

Heatseeker – John Shirley

Sam the Sudden – P. G. Wodehouse

Eight Skilled Gentlemen – Barry Hughart

Any Woman’s Blues – Erica Jong

Best New SF3 – Edited by Gardner Dozois

The Alexandria Quartet – Lawrence Durrell

Tours of the Black Clock – Steve Erickson

Hollywood – Gore Vidal

A View from the Source – Jeremy Hooker

Black Sunday – Thomas Harris

The Urth of the New Sun – Gene Wolfe

Resurrection Dreams – Richard Laymon

The Folk of the Fringe – Orson Scott Card

Shadows on the Mirror – Frances Fyfield

The Einstein Intersection – Samuel R. Delany

Infernal Devices – K. W. Jeter

Skinny Legs and All – Tom Robbins

The Empire of Fear – Brian Stableford

The Gods of Winter – Dana Gioia

The Dark Country – Dennis Etchison

Burr – Gore Vidal

1876 – Gore Vidal

Washington DC – Gore Vidal

Roy Lichtenstein – Janis Hendrickson

Rats and Gargoyles – Mary Gentle

Four Past Midnight – Stephen King

What’s What – Julie O’Callaghan

Hermetech – Storm Constantine

Prisoner of Love – Jean Genet

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