Thoughts for a Tuesday #10

ITEM: The Russian mystic Gurdjieff thought that transcendence could be achieved through work and repetitive actions, and so set his disciples to digging ditches and then filling them back in.

I believe I achieved a similar satori last week when mowing the lawn while conducting an inner monologue on who would win a fight between Buffy and Xena.

Opinions, anyone?

ITEM: Latest spam subject header to provide endless hours of amusement to my tiny mind:-

As seen on TV – blow her away with your mighty weapon


ITEM: And, in a similar vein of borderline innuendo, the latest mind boggling search term to bring visitors to this blog:-

mink shing open sexy fhotu

I don’t even want to think what that could mean.

ITEM: Everywhere I turn nowadays it seems that people are singing the praises of ‘pulled pork’ or ‘jerked chicken’.

At times I can’t help wondering if such evocative phrasing is all part of some horrendous establishment conspiracy designed to reconcile us to the use of torture techniques in our daily lives.

But then I remember that back in the halcyon days of my youth we also used to talk about ‘beating the meat’ and ‘choking the chicken’.

It just wasn’t the sort of thing you discussed in polite company, or an activity from which you expected to get an end product on the plate in a swanky restaurant.

ITEM: I’ve never read anything by Irvine Welsh that I can recall, but at the moment and for the foreseeable future he is my absolute favourite writer in all the world.

ITEM: There is a ‘Peter Tennant Author’ page on Facebook, apparently generated automatically using information from my Wikipedia entry (and please let’s not address the question of why I have a Wikipedia entry – take it that I’m just as bemused by this as you are).

Four people have liked this page. One of them is me using a pseudonym, but I have absolutely no idea who the other three are or why they have any interest at all in ‘Peter Tennant Author’.

My proper Facebook page, the one that I set up myself and post to on a semi-regular basis, is followed by precisely two people, neither of whom are FB friends and one who is also totally unknown to me.

It used to be three people, but the other guy stopped following me. He used to be a ‘friend’, but I dropped him when I learned that he had far right political views bordering on bigotry and have refused subsequent requests to (re)friend. I’ve no idea why such a person would wish to follow me and am relieved that he no longer does so.

Such are the vagaries of life while travelling on the information super highway.

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