Thoughts for a Thursday #1

ITEM: I’m blogging early in the morning, as this afternoon I intend to get my hair cut, and like that Samson dude I may no longer have my strength.

ITEM: So, at the weekend when I asked The Imaginary Girlfriend if the fact that she once used to ring me two or three times a week, but now we’re down to once every three weeks, meant that she no longer fancied me, it was the cause of great hilarity.

Well, I’d meant it as a joke, but I didn’t think it was that funny.

ITEM: I like assonance and alliteration every bit as much as the next failed poet who studied Gerald Manley Hopkins for ‘A’ level. All the same, yesterday when flicking through a publisher’s catalogue, I thought the phrase ‘second serial killer thriller’ somewhat over egged the pudding.

ITEM: We all need validation, the comfort and reassurance of knowing that we are not alone, no matter how peculiar our peccadilloes, and so I was immensely gratified earlier in the week when someone washed up on this blog after searching the phrase ‘lucy liu in bondage gear’. And if you ever come back, then I would recommend checking her out in Payback. I did consider posting a bit of the video, but unfortunately it also features Mel Gibson and, while they may be low, I do have some standards.

ITEM: I was recently looking at a job advertisement for a ‘Placement Officer’, but in the text of the advertisement it referenced being in charge of ‘place mats’. Typo, or Freudian slip that reveals how this firm regards its employees?

ITEM: Yesterday I broke cover on Facebook and reposted a message in support of today’s public sector strikes. Fourteen people liked me. I haven’t been this popular since I got my wallet out and bought a round at The Surrey Tavern back in the early 90s.

And, just so you know, that’s not going to happen again any time soon.

ITEM: At some time last night this blog had its 5000th view, which I feel is sufficient cause for low level euphoria, even if it is only the same half dozen people visiting over and over again. So, erm…


In internet terms that’s probably small potatoes, and I’m wondering what I could have accomplished if I’d done more by way of publicising the blog (e.g. Facebook) – my biggest ‘views’ have been when other people have linked back. All the same, beyond linking to Black Static stories on the TTA Forums, I pretty much can’t be arsed, and I like the idea of this blog being something people stumble across in their perambulations round the internet.

I’m your dirty little secret.

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3 Responses to Thoughts for a Thursday #1

  1. DC5 says:

    Trumpetville is very entertaining, dirty little secret or no. I read it every day; always a pleasure.

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