Books Read in 2009

This post follows on from Books Read in 2008, which I posted at the end of August.

And for 2009 I read ninety nine books, two down from the total in 2008. In real terms the total was less than that as at least half a dozen of these titles were read twice (my concentration wasn’t what it should have been that year, obviously). And with four exceptions, every single book was read for the purpose of writing a review – I either had a great work ethic back in 2009 or no social life to speak of.

On this day in 2009 I’d just cracked open “Death Trip” by Lee Weeks (one of the four that wasn’t read for review, and to which I was so indifferent that I’ve never read anything else by the author). And on the day I turned 55 I was racing through the last chapters of “The Harrowing” by Alexandra Sokoloff (that book I thoroughly enjoyed, and I have some more of the author’s stored up to read if I can ever find the time).

Here’s the list:-

Gunpowder – Joe Hill

The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death – Charlie Huston

Eagle Rising – David Devereux

My Work Is Not Yet Done – Thomas Ligotti

Deadly Verdict – Andrew Neiderman

The Nightmare Factory Volume 2 – Thomas Ligotti & Diverse Hands

Poe – Edited by Ellen Datlow

Castaways – Brian Keene

The Birthing House – Christopher Ransom

Shrike – Quentin Crisp

Every Last Drop – Charlie Huston

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son – Dean Koontz & Ed Gorman

Gaslight Grimoire – Edited by J. R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec

Jake’s Wake – John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow

The Nobody – Tom Piccirilli

The Bride Stripped Bare – Rachel Kendall

Hater – David Moody

Black Cathedral – L. H. Maynard & M. P. N. Sims

States of Undress – Steven Deighan

My Work Is Not Yet Done – Thomas Ligotti

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son – Dean Koontz & Ed Gorman

Afraid – Jack Kilborn (J. A. Konrath)

The Oz Suite – Gerard Houarner

Garbage Man – Joseph D’Lacey

The Absence – Bill Hussey

Patient Zero – Jonathan Maberry

Still Bleeding – Steve Mosby

Cover – Jack Ketchum

Crimson – Gord Rollo

The Catacombs of Fear – John Llewellyn Probert

Thieving Fear – Ramsey Campbell

Bad Things – Michael Marshall

Val/Orson – Marly Youmans

One – Conrad Williams

The Oz Suite – Gerard Houarmer

In Silent Graves – Gary Braunbeck

The Witnesses Are Gone – Joel Lane

Keepers – Gary Braunbeck

Mr Hands – Gary Braunbeck

Far Dark Fields – Gary Braunbeck

Empties – George Zebrowski

Dead and Gone – Charlaine Harris

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith

The Kult – Shaun Jeffrey

Fathom – Cherie Priest

Urban Gothic – Edited by David Howe

The Terrible Changes – Joel Lane

Tide of Souls – Simon Bestwick

The Painting and the City – Robert Freeman Wexler

The Language of Dying – Sarah Pinborough

Cruel Summer – Matt Venne

Nemonymous Nine: Cern Zero – Edited by D. F. Lewis

Isis – Douglas Clegg

Vardoger – Stephen Volk

And God Created Zombies – Andrew Hook

Groaning Shadows – Paul Finch

The Terrible Changes – Joel Lane

The Witnesses Are Gone – Joel Lane

Stairway to Hell – Charlie Williams

Rage – Jonathan Kellerman

The Dead Room – Chris Mooney

The Fifth Victim – Beverly Barton

On the Loose – Christopher Fowler

The Forest of Hands and Teeth – Carrie Ryan

The Kill Crew – Joseph D’Lacey

Frenzy – Carole Johnstone

Old Man Scratch – Rio Youers

RIP – Terry Lamsley

Darkness, Darkness: Forever Twilight Book 1 – Peter Crowther

Way of the Barefoot Zombie – Jasper Bark

Death Trip – Lee Weeks

Different Skins – Gary McMahon

Writers Workshop of Horror – Edited by Michael Knost

The Surrogate – Tania Carver

Remove the Eyes – Ralph Robert Moore

What Happens When You Wake Up In the Night – Michael Marshall Smith

The Safe Children – Tom Fletcher

Shards – Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror: The Year’s Best Short Stories Volume 3 – Edited by Angela Challis

Hungry Hearts – Gary McMahon

I Am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas – Adam Roberts

Different Skins – Gary McMahon

The Crucifix Killer – Chris Carter

Festive Fear – Edited by Stephen Clark

The Edge of the Country and Other Stories – Trevor Denyer

I Can See You – Karen Rose

Night of Demons – Tony Richards

The Harrowing – Alexandra Sokoloff

Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection – Don Roff & Chris Lane

The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks – Max Brooks & Ibraim Roberson

Cast A Cold Eye – Derryl Murphy & William Shunn

Slice of Life – Paul Haines

Last Rites – Shaun Hutson

The Price – Alexandra Sokoloff

Reunion – Rick Hautala

Ars Memoriae – Beth Bernobich

Slights – Kaaron Warren

In Conversation: A Writer’s Perspective – Volume One: Horror – Edited by James Cooper

The Darkening – Stephen M. Irwin

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