Books Read in 2008

This post follows on from Books Read in 2007 which I posted at the end of July.

And for 2008 I read exactly one hundred and one books, one up from 2007’s total, but nothing reaches out and grabs me in terms of new discoveries, and most of my reading was done for review purposes, with the odd foray into the realms of crime/thriller and erotica.

On this day in 2008 I was reading “Covenant” by John Everson, and on the day I turned 54 I was back in ancient Rome in the world of Rebecca Levene’s “Anno Mortis”.

Okay, here’s the list:-

No-Man and Other Tales – Tony Richards

The Darkest Evening of the Year – Dean Koontz

Light Reading – Aliya Whiteley

The Man on the Ceiling – Steve Rasnic Tem & Melanie Tem

The Unblemished – Conrad Williams

Half the Blood in Brooklyn – Charlie Huston

Dark Wars: The Tale of Meiji Dracula – Hideyuki Kikuchi

The Mammoth Book of Horror Comics – Edited by Peter Normanton

Inferno – Edited by Ellen Datlow

Bone Machines – John Dodds

Other Voices – Andrew Humphrey

The Haunted – Owen Davies

Meat – Joseph D’Lacey

Alison – Andrew Humphrey

Horror Panegyric – Keith Seward

The Big Bow Mystery – Israel Zangwill

Flashspec Volume Two – Edited by Neil Cladingboel

The Final Days – Alex Chance

Potter’s Field 2 – Edited by Cathy Buburuz

The Second Black Book of Horror – Edited by Charles Black

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – Mark Salisbury

Out of a Clear Sky – Sally Hinchcliffe

Old Flames – Jack Ketchum

All Your Gods Are Dead – Gary McMahon

Obedience – Will Lavender

The Semantics of Murder – Aifric Campbell

The Grin of the Dark – Ramsey Campbell

The Ninth Circle – Alex Bell

Joyride – Jack Ketchum

Cry for Help – Steve Mosby

Written in Bone – Simon Beckett

The Empty Page – Edited by Peter Wild

The Isle of Dogs – Daniel Davies

Therapy – Sebastian Fitzek

Infected – Scott Sigler

Lost Boys – James Miller

Say Goodbye – Lisa Gardner

Deep Inside – Polly Frost

Chemical Wedding – Bruce Dickinson & Julian Doyle

I, Zombie – Al Ewing

The Victoria Vanishes – Christopher Fowler

Heart-Shaped Box – Joe Hill

The Appetite – Nicholas Royle

Fantasy Sex – Flic Everett

Ultimate Sex – Judy Bastyra

Black Lace Omnibus:Release Me – Suki Cunningham

The Gospel According to Luke – Emily Maguire

White Corridor – Christopher Fowler

Charles Fort: The Man Who Invented the Supernatural – Jim Steinmeyer

Read By Dawn Volume 3 – Edited by Adele Hartley

The Reach of Children – Tim Lebbon

The Perils & Dangers of This Night – Stephen Gregory

The Everlasting – Tim Lebbon

Teatro Grottesco – Thomas Ligotti

Coffin County – Gary Braunbeck

Moontown – Peter Atkins

Tower Hill – Sarah Pinborough

The Ghost Quartet – Edited by Marvin Kaye

Fallen – Tim Lebbon

The Monkey’s Raincoat – Robert Crais

Black River – G. M. Ford

Nature Girl – Carl Hiaasen

Covenant – John Everson

Ghost Walk – Brian Keene

Jigsaw Man – Gord Rollo

The Wolfman – Nicholas Pekearo

Brides of the Impaler – Ed Lee

The Staff Room – Markus Orths

The Vampire of Ropraz – Jacques Chessex

Opus Pistorum – Henry Miller

Delta of Venus – Anais Nin

We Fade to Grey – Edited by Gary McMahon

Islington Crocodiles – Paul Meloy

Lucifer’s Ark – Simon Clark

Bull Running for Girls – Allyson Bird

Killing Kiss – Sam Stone

The Enigma of Departure – Nicholas Royle

Bitten to Death – Jennifer Rardin

Fourtold – Michael Stone

The Evil Seed – Joanne Harris

Stone Cold Calling – Simon Clark

The Painted Man – Graham Masterton

A Dangerous Climate – Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Vengeance Child – Simon Clark

Unmarked Graves – Shaun Hutson

Living With the Dead – Darrell Schweitzer

Anno Mortis – Rebecca Levene

Shadows and Other Tales – Tony Richards

Cone Zero: Nemonymous 00 – Edited by D. F. Lewis

Premonitions: Causes for Alarm – Edited by Tony Lee

Subtle Edens – Edited by Allen Ashley

Dracula – Bram Stoker

Jeeves in the Offing – P. G. Wodehouse

Dark Rain – Tony Richards

Carmilla – J. Sheridan LeFanu

The New Uncanny: Tales of Unease – Edited by Ra Page & Sarah Eyre

Audition – Ryu Murakami

Impossibilia – Douglas Smith

Monkey in the Middle – Stephen Solomita

Body Count – Shaun Hutson

How to Make Monsters – Gary McMahon

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