Anyone like ballet?

We interrupt our usual programming to bring you a Public Service Announcement.

If you like ballet/modern dance, then there’s plenty of stuff floating around on the web at the moment that’s either free to view (but donations always welcome) or available for a token sum.

Matthew Bourne’s “The Car Man”, based on Bizet’s “Carmen” is free to watch on YouTube until Thursday the 22nd of April.

Northern Ballet Theatre’s “Dracula”, which I saw at the theatre in 1997 when it was released to coincide with the centenary of the book’s publication, is free to watch on the BBC iPlayer for another month.

NBT have several shorter works available on their own digital platform:-“Northern Lights“, “Have Your Cake“, and “What Used To, No Longer Is“. They’re all worth viewing, but I particularly recommend the last one. And they’re all free to watch, though donations are welcome.

The Royal Ballet have a trio of goodies. Kenneth MacMillan’s “Concerto”, based on music by Shostakovich (and I have to admit being surprised by how joyful this was, as the little music I’ve heard by him has always seemed rather gloomy and ponderous), is available for £3 until the 25th of April.

“Symphonic Variations” by Frederick Ashton is available until the 2nd of May for £3 also.

Finally, and for free, you can watch “Insights: The Sleeping Beauty in rehearsal” until the 16th of May.

That’s all I’ve got. Tomorrow, after this brief ‘cultural’ interlude, things will revert to normal on this blog – which means horror and regurgitating old reviews, the stuff I do best, when I can be bothered to do anything at all.

PS: If you know of any ballet or modern dance freebies that are worth checking out, links below please.

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