On New Year Day

Happy New Year to anyone who is still reading this blog.

I wish you all the happiness you deserve in 2020, and if you don’t deserve happiness then may your troubles be no greater than you can easily bear.

For the foreseeable future this blog will continue as a ‘once a week’ book review outlet, with most of the reviews being recycled from the annals of The Third Alternative and other publications, both print and digital, plus the occasional new piece as and when I have the time and inclination (at the moment I am short on both). The intention is that eventually Trumpetville will contain an archive of all my published reviews (I haven’t kept count, but I would imagine there are over 2,000 by now).

Looking beyond the next six months, if all goes well I will have sold my house and moved in with my lady love, after which at some point I hope to restore this blog to the level of activity prevalent back when I was a beginner and full of enthusiasm for this blogging lark, but I make no promises as experience has taught me that such pronouncements are unwise. When/if the time comes we’ll shake the tree and see what falls out.

One change I will be making with immediate effect is to dispense with the ‘filler content’ header for blog posts. It was intended as a light-hearted send up of self to indicate that I was copying and pasting old material because I didn’t have time to write anything new, but I’ve seen a couple of people take umbrage, jumping to the conclusion that it was somehow intended as derogatory. In any event, it was getting a bit tired.  In future headers, I will simply preface reprint material with ‘OR’ for ‘old review’ and new material with ‘NR’.

That’s all folks!


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4 Responses to On New Year Day

  1. owlwoman says:

    Blimey. It never occurred to me to be offended by the ‘filler’ heading (you’ve published a review that includes a story of mine here). I must try harder 😉

  2. Happy New Year, Pete. Good to see you doing so well! Take care.

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