Filler content with five for the price of one

A review that originally appeared in Zest #4 back in 1998:-

Author: Robert Silverberg
Publisher: Voyager
Price: £9.99 Paperback (980pp)

Silverberg’s career spans over forty years, during which time he has produced an enormous body of work and been accorded every honour the Science Fiction community has to offer. Those new to the field will probably know him best for the Majipoor series of novels and other books in an epic and science fantasy vein, but older readers will remember the ground breaking work he produced in the late 60s and early 70s, and perhaps feel a sense of regret for the commercial road he has taken since. Voyager have reissued five of his best novels from that period in this bumper value for money omnibus.

My personal favourite, the Nebula Award winning A Time of Changes, portrays a society in which any form of intimacy is taboo and takes us along on one man’s journey of self-discovery. Downward to the Earth, chosen by Interzone editor David Pringle as one of the hundred best novels in the genre, is the story of a man’s attempt to understand and be reconciled with an alien civilisation. The Second Trip tells of the struggle between two completely different personalities for control of the body they share, while Dying Inside, considered Silverberg’s finest novel by many critics, is an account of the life of David Selig, a telepath who finds that in middle age his ability is fading. Finally there is Nightwings, a fix-up of three novellas, one of which won the Hugo Award, which takes us into the far future where the remnants of fallen humanity await an alien invasion.

These novels are an example of the best Science Fiction has to offer, as readable and thought provoking now as when they were first published. Voyager are to be commended for making them available again, and in such an attractive and affordable package.

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