Song for a Sunday – Life is for Living

Yes, a song. I should be writing a more substantial blog post, but I’ve had a headache all day and just can’t be arsed.

This is your consolation prize.

Back in the 1970s I was a big BJH fan. I bought the album ‘Turn of the Tide’ the day it came out and went home early from work to play it.

While I was listening to the music I idly leafed through the pages of the local newspaper, something I never normally did, and just as this song came on I stumbled across a report that a young woman who travelled on the same bus into Norwich as me had killed herself. I recognised the photo accompanying the article, and details of where she lived.

She’d sat next to me a few times and we’d exchanged the odd pleasantry. The week before I’d heard her telling friends that her boyfriend had broken up with her and how she was okay with that.

She gave me a mint one time, but I never knew her name until I read that report.

Life is for living.

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