Books Read in 1998

This post follows on from Books Read in 1997, which I posted back in April.

And for this year the total number of books read rose from 101 in the previous year to a more substantial 125, though possibly I am cheating slightly by counting the serialisation of King’s The Green Mile as six titles rather than one.

My big discovery of the year was crime writer Derek Raymond, whose scorching novel I Was Dora Suarez contains some of the most extreme scenes I have ever read and makes most horror look like love letters from the heart. It’s an angry book, and a passionate book, but most definitely not for the squeamish. I have a couple of Raymond volumes sitting patiently in the TBR pile, including his autobiographical work The Hidden Files, and a reading of those books is long overdue. 1998 was also the year in which I first read one of my all time favourite books, Nicholson Baker’s witty and sexy novel The Fermata.

On this day in 1998 it appears from my list that I was reading Spin, but unfortunately I can’t recall anything about it, not even the name of the author, though the title feels very familiar, while on the occasion of my 44th birthday I was indulging myself with Patricia Cornwell’s Hornet’s Nest, her first non-Scarpetta book I believe.

As usual, most of the author details have been completed from memory, so if you see something that looks incorrect please shout.

As well as Spin, I can’t bring to mind the author of either Angel, The Haunting, or Crash Course, books that weigh in at 484pp, 286pp, 212pp, and 277pp respectively. They are all fairly common or garden titles, and a brief search on Amazon leaves me with more choices to wade through than I feel is worth my time, so audience participation is cordially invited, but anyone having the temerity to suggest I read Angel by Katie Price or The Haunting by Alan Titchmarsh will most definitely be struck off my Christmas card list.

Here’s the list:-

The Hellfire Club – Peter Straub
Endymion – Dan Simmons
Alchemist – Peter James
Only Forward – Michael Marshall Smith
Kolymsky Heights – Lionel Davidson
Blue Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson
Fireworks – Angela Carter
Burglars Can’t Be Choosers – Lawrence Block
Nocturne – Mark Chadbourn
Palimpsest: A memoir – Gore Vidal
The Vampyre – Tom Holland
The Universal Baseball Association, Inc. J. Henry Waugh, Prop – Robert Coover
The Compleat Crow – Brian Lumley
Robert Nye: A Collection of Poems 1955 – 1988 – Robert Nye
Antony – Allan Massie
Spares – Michael Marshall Smith
Body Rides – Richard R. Laymon
Messiah – Gore Vidal
The Cat’s Meow – Robert Campbell
Clive Barker’s A – Z of Horror – Edited by Stephen Jones
Hot Sky at Midnight – Robert Silverberg
The Body Farm – Patricia Cornwell
Alarums – Richard R. Laymon
The Course of Honour – Lindsey Davis
Scattered Remains – Paul Pinn
Permutation City – Greg Egan
I Was Dora Suarez – Derek Raymond
Bliss – Peter Carey
The Pavilion of Frozen Women – S. P. Somtow
Waterstone’s Guide to Crime Fiction
Jasmine Nights – S. P. Somtow
Paper Products – James W. Hall
The Two Dead Girls – Stephen King
The Mouse on the Mile – Stephen King
Coffey’s Hands – Stephen King
The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix – Stephen King
Night Journey – Stephen King
Coffey on the Mile – Stephen King
Swan Boats at Four – George V. Higgins
A Book of Christmas Stories – Charles Dickens
Idoru – William Gibson
The Gods of Winter – Dana Gioia
Householder – Gerard Woodward
What’s What – Julie O’Callaghan
Blue Shoes – Matthew Sweeney
The One Safe Place – Ramsey Campbell
The Silent Cry – Anne Perry
The Tooth Fairy – Graham Joyce
The Devil’s Home on Leave – Derek Raymond
Barnacle Bill the Spacer and other stories – Lucius Shepard
The Priest – Thomas M. Disch
Waterstones’s Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Waking Nightmares – Ramsey Campbell
The Story of the Eye – Georges Bataille
The Crust On Its Uppers – Derek Raymond
Duluth – Gore Vidal
Whited Sepulchres – Anne Perry
Antarctica – Kim Stanley Robinson
Quake – Richard R. Laymon
Running Wild – J. G. Ballard
Sharper Knives – Christopher Fowler
Dead Man Upright – Derek Raymond
The Lordly Ones – Keith Roberts
The Eternal – Mark Chadbourn
L. A. Noir – James Ellroy
Super-Monsters – Daniel Cohen
Testament – David Morrell
The Holiday – Guy Bellamy
Swallow – D. M. Thomas
The Giant Book of Private Eye Stories – Edited by Bill Pronzini & Martin H. Greenberg
Life During Wartime – Lucius Shepard
Red Ball – John Gideon
Quicker Than the Eye – Ray Bradbury
Erthmun – T. M. Wright
Blue Genes – Val McDermid
Anti-Ice – Stephen Baxter
Archangel – Robert Harris
Under Cover of Daylight – James Hall
The Other Side of the Sky – Arthur C. Clarke
Slugs – Shaun Hutson
Final Edition – V. L. McDermid
City of the Horizon – Anton Gill
The Haunting –
In a Pig’s Eye – Robert Campbell
Dangerous Pleasures: A Decade of Stories – Patrick Gale
Barmy in Wonderland – P. G. Wodehouse
City of Illusions – Ursula K LeGuin
The Face That Must Die – Ramsey Campbell
Crash Course –
In the Midst of Death – Lawrence Block
Innocent Erendira and other stories – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Lost – Jonathan Aycliffe
Tricks – Ed McBain
Sphinx – D. M. Thomas
Carmilla – J. Sheridan Le Fanu
The Gospel According to the Son – Norman Mailer
They Fly at Ciron – Samuel R. Delany
Word of Honour – Nelson DeMille
Survival of the Fittest – Jonathan Kellerman
The Rise of Endymion – Dan Simmons
The Seventh Scroll – Wilbur Smith
Clean Break – Val McDermid
The Ceremonies – T. E. D. Klein
Vurt – Jeff Noon
Scaremongers 2: Redbrick Eden – Edited by Steve Savile
Timequake – Kurt Vonnegut
Head Injuries – Conrad Williams
Decider – Dick Francis
The Matrix – Jonathan Aycliffe
Automated Alice – Jeff Noon
Spin –
In a Glass Darkly – J. Sheridan LeFanu
Convesations with God – Neale Donald Walsch
Vanitas – S. P. Somtow
A Fisherman of the Inland Sea – Ursula K. LeGuin
Light Errant – Chaz Brenchley
Hornet’s Nest – Patricia Cornwell
Disturbia – Christopher Fowler
The Extremes – Christopher Priest
The Business Man – Thomas M. Disch
The Sculptress – Minette Walters
The Fermata – Nicholson Baker
One of Us – Michael Marshall Smith
After Midnight – Richard Laymon

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3 Responses to Books Read in 1998

  1. Rolnikov says:

    Any chance Crash Course was the Black Lace title by Juliet Hastings? About the right length. It wasn’t out till 2000 according to Goodreads, but maybe that’s inaccurate or you had an extremely early review copy. Doesn’t quite fit with the other books you were reading, but there is a tenuous horror connection – I think Adam Nevill was the editor of that line.

    • petertennant says:

      Just checked on Amazon, and the original pb of “Crash Course” by Juliet Hastings came out in 1995, so it is possible, but I have no memory of the book at all. I have read other Black Lace titles though, when I had aspirations to write erotica and could justify it as research 😉
      I think the most likely explanation is that the book was “Crash Course in…” and I left out the in part when listing it. When I have more time I’ll go check my handwritten reviews for 1998 books, that are locked in a filing cabinet in the garage.

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