Something from the Back Catalogue

I was going to write up some graphic novel reviews for today’s post, but owing to circumstances beyond my control that is not now going to happen. Instead you get a warmed over slice of Pete fiction.

And of all the flash fiction I’ve written over the years, I do believe that this nasty little squib is my absolute favourite.


‘What is it? What’s the matter?’

‘It’s just that…’ John refused to look me in the eye.


‘Well, I thought that tonight I might go with a woman for a change.’

‘A woman,’ I said, voice incredulous. ‘What’d you want a woman for?’

‘I like women.’


‘No it’s not. I used to go with women all the time before I met you. You know that.’

‘Yeah, but you were confused. You didn’t realise you were gay.’

‘That’s not true.’

‘So what’re you saying? That you’re straight? That the last eight months with me have all been a big mistake?’

‘I’m not saying that at all. It’s just that I like women as well as men. I swing both ways.’

‘I don’t believe that I’m hearing this.’

‘I knew this was how you’d react. That’s why I never brought it up before.’

‘You’re telling me that you’re bisexual?’

‘That’s right.’

I laughed. ‘You’re kidding yourself. People are either gay or straight. There’s no such thing as bisexuals. They’re just gays who’re scared to come off the fence.’

‘You know sometimes you can be so narrow minded.’

‘Okay,’ I said, recognising the hurt tone in his voice and that it was time to back off. ‘If you want a woman, have a woman. I’m not going to argue about it.’

I flicked the torch on and swung the beam along a row of stones, bringing it to rest on one that sounded promising.

‘Carla Williams,’ I said, reading the inscription aloud. ‘Only thirty years of age. She do?’

John nodded, his face grinning in the moonlight. I sighed, then picked up my spade and began to dig.

(And for anyone interested in knowing such things, this story was inspired by a chance encounter with The Rikki Lake Show and a member of the audience who had exactly the same attitude to bisexuality as the character here.)

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2 Responses to Something from the Back Catalogue

  1. Nice and nasty, Pete. I’m surprised more horror hasn’t been inspired by The Rikki Lake Show.

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