Missing, Presumed Having a Good Time

Tomorrow is the 1st day of August, and as TAG has the bulk of the month off I have decided to more or less join her, and indulge myself with trips to the seaside and other places of interest, to read books and watch films just for the sheer hell of it, and not with the intention of writing a review at some stage (albeit, I probably will).

Not everything will stop. There are still emails to be answered and reviews to be written for the next issue of Black Static but regular blogging is a time sink that I have decided to forego for the next one and thirty days.

I’ve set up a load of placeholder posts – Song for a Saturday, Trailer Trash, and Filler Content – but no other content will be forthcoming until September.

Here’s wishing all the regular readers of this blog a happy and profitable summer – may you brown, but not burn.

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