Thoughts on a Friday #4

ITEM: I see David Cameron is getting hauled over the coals for referring to Muslim women as “traditionally submissive”.

Heaven forbid that I should defend this jumped up little public schoolboy, but it’s as well to keep context in mind here – Cameron is the commander-in-chief of a political party that worships at the altar of Mammon and the Blessed Margaret, so his ideas on what constitutes a submissive woman may be somewhat out of step with those of the general population.

ITEM: Staying with the subject of politics, I see that shortly we are to have a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union and I find myself torn as to how to vote.

Usually when I have seen no compelling arguments either way I simply plump for the option that will upset those I detest the most. Now the obnoxious Cameron creature so obviously wants us to stay in and will have his nose seriously put out of joint should the referendum go against his wishes, but the equally obnoxious Farage creature is eager to leave and will end up with egg all over his ugly visage if the British people vote to remain in the Union, so which way to vote? It’s a conundrum, it truly is.

The only certainty is that however we decide, shortly afterwards the media will assure us that it was the wrong decision and lay the blame squarely at the door of Jeremy Corbyn.

ITEM: I used to be a huge admirer of the band Pink Floyd, and still am I guess though I haven’t kept up with their recent work, and so I subscribed to the band’s newsletter to learn more of their musical exploits.

Imagine my surprise then, in the run up to Christmas 2015, to receive a string of emails offering all sorts of old tat for sale – Pink Floyd branded baubles for my tree, Pink Floyd themed wristwatch and cuff links, Pink Floyd style lounge pants.


Oh, how fallen are the once mighty, and all the rebels and iconoclasts of yesteryear are become the commercial whores of today.

I was also sent an advert for a Durex gift pack, but as far as I can recall that had nothing to do with the band, which is a shame as it at least would have been amusing and cheeky, and also serve as the launch pad for an impromptu rendition of ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’, whereas the touting of over priced bric-a-brac and the like was just sad.

ITEM: I think I may have discovered a new, modern malady (because we don’t have enough already), one that I shall call purchaser paralysis, for want of a somewhat more scientific sounding name.

I recently purchased a new chair for my office, something that was badly needed and which I’ve been shopping around for now for over a year. A friend of mine spent three years looking for the right computer.

It’s not that we can’t make informed purchasing choices, but rather that we have far too much information in the age of the internet. While reading product reviews for office chairs on Amazon, I’d initially be attracted by the four and five star ones, then I’d hit a cluster of one and two stars and be put off the item. The negative reviews might not be representative, but at the same time who is to say that they might not be an omen for your own experience?

We are so scared of making the wrong decision, getting a one star service/product instead of a five star, that we put off making a decision altogether.

Puchaser paralysis.

Eventually I bought a new office chair, not online though but from a bricks and mortar store where I got to try it out for size and comfort first.

Now I have to wait for it to arrive to discover if the one from the warehouse is as good as the one on display in the shop.

Purchaser paralysis with added second thoughts syndrome.

ITEM: Back when I was a kid we used to trap wasps in jam jars. You’d put a mixture of jam, sugar and water in the bottom of the jar, then pierce the metal lid to create a hole the wasps could crawl through, subsequently finding that they couldn’t get back out.

And for those who believe in karma…

Recently I had a similar experience at some public toilets, which were easier enough to get inside, but once you’d done your business the combination of a minute cubicle and inward opening door made getting out a feat worthy of Houdini.

Actually I’m still there. It’s been three days now, and the battery on my laptop is starting to run down, so if you don’t hear from me for a while it means

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2 Responses to Thoughts on a Friday #4

  1. Thanks for identifying “purchaser paralysis” Pete, because it’s something I’ve been suffering from as well. I try to decide which of a hundred different hammers to buy online, and I’ve got five-star angels whispering in my ear on one shoulder, and one-star devils whispering from my other shoulder.

    Something related with Amazon ratings: With a five star spread, it used to be that four stars or even sometimes three stars was considered a respectable recommendation. But now, if I rate an item four stars, I get an angry email from the seller wanting to know why I was so dissatisfied with his product. It’s reaching the point where every sentence in a product review will have to end with an exclamation point.

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