Books Read in 1996

This post follows on from Books Read in 1995, which I posted in November of last year.

And for the third year in a row the total of books read has increased, this time rising to 120 titles.

Nobody I’d count as a significant new discovery for this year. It seems to have been spent consolidating my acquaintance with such writers as Peter Ackroyd, Kim Stanley Robinson, Ed McBain, George V. Higgins, and P. G. Wodehouse, to name just a few. It was also a year in which I reprised a lot of old favourites, something I no longer have the luxury of spending time on. January was filled with SF classics, with a more eclectic mix of blasts from the past in June, and October devoted to the work of Stephen King.

Perhaps the most memorable book, for a wrong reason, was Richard Laymon’s gory thriller Island. A friend of my sister’s who was in her late 50s noticed the book lying around one time she visited my house and asked if she could borrow it, something I was reluctant to allow as I expected her to be upset by the amount of bloodshed and sexual violence in the novel, but did anyway (she’d lent me and insisted I read a Sidney Sheldon novel, so this was payback). I needn’t have been concerned – she loved the book and rang me up to ask if I could get her a copy of her own. All of which goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a reader by their cover any more than you should a book.

On this day in 1995 I started my reprise of To Your Scattered Bodies Go by Philip Jose Farmer, while on the occasion of my forty second birthday I’d just finished The Planet Suite by Allen Ashley.

As usual, most of the author details have been completed from memory, so if you see something that looks incorrect please shout.

The names of the authors of Recluse, Ruin, and Bugs eluded me, despite searches on Amazon and copious use of Google-fu. The first two, weighing in at 86 and 85 pages respectively, were probably graphic novels, while I have a sneaking suspicion that Bugs at 224pp was an ecological catastrophe novel. When I have more time I’ll delve into my records in the filing cabinet in the garage, but in the meantime feel free to shout out if you recognise any of these titles.

Here’s the list:-

The Human Angle – William Tenn
Camp Concentration – Thomas M. Disch
The Dragon Masters – Jack Vance
The Invincible – Stanislaw Lem
A Time of Changes – Robert Silverberg
The Atrocity Exhibition – J. G. Ballard
The Iron Dream – Norman Spinrad
The Golden Apples of the Sun – Ray Bradbury
To Your Scattered Bodies Go – Philip Jose Farmer
The Forever War – Joe Haldeman
The Jewels of Aptor – Samuel R. Delany
The Man in the High Castle – Philip K. Dick
War of the Wing Men – Poul Anderson
The Left Hand of Darkness – Ursula K. LeGuin
Lord of Light – Roger Zelazny
Canal Dreams – Iain Banks
Myths of the Near Future – J. G. Ballard
Shadows in Bronze – Lindsey Davis
English Music – Peter Ackroyd
Deliver Us From Evil – David A. Yallop
The Charm School – Nelson DeMille
The Man in the Moss – Phil Rickman
Strange But True? Casebook – Jenny Randles
A Turpolev Too Far – Brian W. Aldiss
Black Dogs – Ian McEwan
Death of a Nurse – Ed McBain
Empire of the Sun – J. G. Ballard
The Orchard – Charles L. Grant
Literary Outlaw – Ted Morgan
Kennedy for the Defense – George V. Higgins
Roofworld – Christopher Fowler
Noctuary – Thomas Ligotti
First Light – Peter Ackroyd
A Dangerous Mourning – Anne Perry
Fires of Eden – Dan Simmons
The Ships of Earth – Orson Scott Card
Pre-Columbian Art – Michael Grey
Sunglasses After Dark – Nancy Collins
Green Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson
The Great Fire of London – Peter Ackroyd
The Longest Night – J. N. Williamson
War Fever – J. G. Ballard
The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde – Peter Ackroyd
Imposters – George V. Higgins
Rose Madder – Stephen King
Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews – George Plimpton
Calde of the Long Sun – Gene Wolfe
City Jitters – Christopher Fowler
In La-La Land We Trust – Robert Campbell
Deathbird Stories – Harlan Ellison
The Eye of the Tiger – Wilbur Smith
Dragon’s Claw – Peter O’Donnell
Fever Dream – George R. R. Martin
The Word for World is Forest – Ursula K. LeGuin
Skin Tight – Carl Hiaasen
A Feast Unknown – Philip Jose Farmer
Flicker – Theodore Roszak
Von Bek – Michael Moorcock
Self-Defence – Jonathan Kellerman
Island – Richard Laymon
Spencerville – Nelson DeMille
Battle Flag – Bernard Cornwell
Expiration Date – Tim Powers
An Absence of Light – David Lindsey
The Panic Hand – Jonathan Carroll
The Black Fedora – Guy N. Smith
The Parasite – Neal Asher
The Stepford Wives – Ira Levin
American Ghosts & Old World Wonders – Angela Carter
Let’s Hear It for the Deaf Man – Ed McBain
Ruins –
Eyelidiad – Rhys Hughes
The Immaculate – Mark Morris
Bugs –
Alice in La-La Land – Robert Campbell
Wilde West – Walter Satterthwait
Armorica – S. P. Somtow
Borrowed Time – Robert Goddard
Mall Time – Chaz Brenchley
The Web – Jonathan Kellerman
Sarah Canary – Karen Joy Fowler
Strange Relations – Philip Jose Farmer
Quick Service – P. G. Wodehouse
Scarlet – Angelique
Dark Mountain – Richard Laymon
The Mystery of Men – Guy Bellamy
Bluegate Fields – Anne Perry
Everville – Clive Barker
The Wild Shore – Kim Stanley Robinson
Defending Billy Ryan – George V. Higgins
Night Shift – Stephen King
Christine – Stephen King
The Shining – Stephen King
Danse Macabre – Stephen King
Pet Sematary – Stephen King
Misery – Stephen King
Fresh Girls – Evelyn Lau
Bachelors Anonymous – P. G. Wodehouse
Exodus from the Long Sun – Gene Wolfe
Guns – Ed McBain
Host – Peter James
Pacific Edge – Kim Stanley Robinson
Ancient China: The Discoveries of Post Liberation Archeology – William Watson
In Evil Hour – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Brown’s Requiem – James Ellroy
The Planet Suite – Allen Ashley
Concert of Ghosts – Campbell Armstrong
Killer’s Choice – Ed McBain
Seasons in Flight – Brian W. Aldiss
Last Go Round – Ken Kesey with Ken Babbs
Highgate Rise – Anne Perry
Dead Girls – Richard Calder
Slob – Rex Miller
Company for Henry – P. G. Wodehouse
The Mystery of the Pyramids – Humphrey Evans
The Quorum – Kim Newman
While Angels Sleep – Judith Kelman
The Dispossessed – Ursula K. LeGuin
Allhallow’s Eve – Richard Laymon

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