Thoughts on a Sunday #2

ITEM: #1 was way back in December 2013, if anyone is keeping track. I had a lot more to say for myself then.

ITEM: It’s been a while, but I am still getting a disproportionate amount of pleasure from carelessly chosen subject header lines in email advertising, as with one that I recently received from an eminently responsible source which came with the subject line:-

The dos and don’ts of hot facials

They really, really didn’t think that one through.

Not so much smirk inducing as cringeworthy, another header I saw back in July and made a note of (then promptly forgot):-

The comprehensive list of the best celebrities that graced the crowds Wimbledon 2015

I wonder if there were other celebrities present who were not considered to be of ‘the best’.

I shall now change the subject before I go off on one about how it seems we now need celebrities attached to just about every conceivable activity, except possibly the marketing of laxatives and impotence cures, though I suspect it will only be a matter of time and the proper financial inducement before Kanye launches his own line of constipation cures and viagra is pitched with the slogan ‘Get a boner like Beckham’.

ITEM: Talking about going off on one, I often see writers saying that they want honest reviews and mostly I believe them, but on a few occasions I think of this:-

ITEM: Yeah, I’m a bit of a snob (or maybe a reverse snob), as I had to laugh when I found a website crediting Norwich Playhouse with ‘attracting nationally recognised artistes in comedy, music, jazz, dance and drama’.

So they concur with my opinion that music and jazz are entirely separate things.

That I can recall I’ve only been to Norwich Playhouse twice – once for an extremely off the wall adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Chaos Theatre Company and the other time for The Circus of Horrors, where I got hit by a body part thrown from the stage (I think it was somebody’s liver – the only time I’ve visited the theatre and had to go to the toilets at intermission to wash blood off my fingers).

ITEM: Yeah, I feel sorry for that poor woman in the audience on Question Time who was so upset that the Tories intend to cut her working tax credits, and after they promised not to and she voted for them in good faith. Bless.

On the other hand, for the last five years the Tories have been making life harder for the unemployed, the disabled, and the young, undermining the NHS and carving up our welfare state in the name of  austerity, and they’ve been able to do so through the support of people like that woman.

So, if some chickens have finally come home to roost, and Jack and Jacqueline are no longer doing all right, then I’d be lying if I didn’t take a modicum of pleasure from that sweet comeuppance.

Here’s an idea – as well as (or preferably, instead of) an act of Parliament imposing ‘financial responsibility’ on the government of the day, let’s have one for electoral responsibility, and gaol those who’ll say anything to get elected and then renege on pre-election promises.

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