Books Read in 1994

This post follows on from Books Read in 1993, which I posted in July.

Total count for the year is up from 103 to 110, and it’s a marking time sort of year, with lots of good books read, but no major new discoveries made, no new writers who rocked my world.

On this day in 1994 I was reading Short Story Writing by the intriguingly named Dilys Gator, though actually I probably wasn’t as it was only a short book and according to my records I started it on the 19th of September. On the occasion of my fortieth birthday I was reading Hearts, Hands and Voices by Ian McDonald.

As usual, most of the author details have been completed from memory, so if you see something that looks incorrect please shout.

Down and Out in the Year 2000 – Kim Stanley Robinson

Punish the Sinners – John Saul

The Pelican Brief – John Grisham

Echoes – Jackie Hyman

The Domino Tattoo – Cyrian Amberlake

The Domino Enigma – Cyrian Amberlake

Trapped – – Dean R. Koontz (graphic novel adaptation)

Bloodlust – Carol Page

The Thief of Always – Clive Barker

Horripilations: The Art of J. K. Potter

Hand in Glove – Robert Goddard

I Shudder At Your Touch – Edited by Michele Sung

Doomsday Book – Connie Willis

The Night Boat – Robert R. McCammon

A Cold Mind – David L. Lindsey

The Tommyknockers – Stephen King

The Marquis de Sade – Donald Thomas

Powder Burn – Carl Hiaasen & Bill Montalbano

Prophecy – Peter James

The Knight and Knave of Swords – Fritz Leiber

Darkness Comes – Dean R. Koontz

Quiller Solitaire – Adam Hall

This Island Earth – Raymond F. Jones

When the Wind Blows – John Saul

Past Caring – Robert Goddard

Midnight Graffiti – Edited by Jessica Horsting & James Van Hise

Heat From Another Sun – David L. Lindsey

The Call of Earth – Orson Scott Card

Cujo – Stephen King

Wonderful Years, Wonderful Years – George V. Higgins

In a Time of Violence – Eavan Boland

Riverrun – S. P. Somtow

The Happiest Man Alive – Mary V. Dearborn

A Time To Kill – John Grisham

Live From Golgotha – Gore Vidal

The Civil War: An Illustrated History – Geoffrey C. Ward, with Ric Burns and Ken Burns

The Kill Riff – David J. Schow

Painting the Darkness – Robert Goddard

The Golden – Lucius Shepard

Dick Contino’s Blues and Other Stories – James Ellroy

Gone South – Robert R. McCammon

The Stone Giant – James P. Blaylock

Double Whammy – Carl Hiaasen

Cold Cuts: Tales of Terror – Edited by Paul Lewis & Steve Lockley

Body of Truth – David Lindsey

The Eyes of the Dragon – Stephen King

A View from the Diners Club – Gore Vidal

Twilight – Peter James

Summer Moonshine – P. G. Wodehouse

The Wine of Violence – James Morrow

The Brothel in Rosenstrasse – Michael Moorcock

Rebel – Bernard Cornwell

Conjure Me – Jack Curtis

Take No Farewell – Robert Goddard

Lovedeath – Dan Simmons

Native Tongue – Carl Hiaasen

Nightside the Long Sun – Gene R. Wolfe

Shadowlands – Peter Straub

Dock Leaves – Hugo Williams

Shakespeare’s Planet – Clifford D. Simak

Midnight’s Lair – Richard Laymon

Death Claims – Joseph Hansen

Legacy – James Michener

One Human Minute – Stanislaw Lem

Caesar – Allan Massie

Savage Season – Joe R. Lansdale

The Gate At the End of the World – Philip Glazebrook

Cry for the Strangers – John Saul

Screening History – Gore Vidal

Extro – Alfred Bester

The science of sadness – Edited by Chris Kenworthy

Dr Haggard’s Disease – Patrick McGrath

Green Shadows, White Whale – Ray Bradbury

The Hemingway Hoax – Joe Haldeman

To Paradise and Back – D. H. Master

The Secret Life of Houses – Scott Bradfield

Whatever Happened to Gloomy Gus of the Chicago Bears – Robert Coover

The Comedy Hotel – Guy Bellamy

The Gunslinger – Stephen King

The Drawing of the Three – Stephen King

The Waste Lands – Stephen King

Strip Tease – Carl Hiaasen

The Giant Book of Best New Horror – Edited by Stephen Jones & Ramsey Campbell

Teach Yourself Typing

River God – Wilbur Smith

The PC Novice’s Handbook – Harshad Kotecha

Short Story Writing – Dilys Gator

Meridian Days – Eric Brown

Trying to Save Piggy Sneed – John Irving

The Way to Write Science Fiction – Brian Stableford

Suffer the Children – John Saul

Writing for Magazines – Jill Dick

Tourist Season – Carl Hiaasen

The Entropy Tango – Michael Moorcock

Toady – Mark Morris

Victorian Tales of Mystery & Detection – Edited by Michael Cox

The World of Psmith – P. G. Wodehouse

The Passion of Michel Foucault – James Miller

Hearts, Hands and Voices – Ian McDonald

The Snowman – R. L. Stine

Sons of the Morning – Jack Curtis

The Marathon Photograph – Clifford D. Simak

After the Deafening – Gerard Woodward

Boundaries – T. M. Wright

White Jazz – James Ellroy

The Search for the Dice Man – Luke Rhinehart

The Hollow Man – Dan Simmons

Night Relics – James P. Blaylock

Moloch – Henry Miller

Clive Barker: Mythmaker for the Millennium – Suzanne J. Barbieri

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