Song for a Saturday – The Boys Are Back in Town

Well, after the proverbial forty days and nights in the wilderness I am back. Can’t say how long it will last though as currently, thanks to the incompetence of BT I have no home internet access and can only post in public libraries, which is going to get really old, really quick.

Here’s Phil and the boys.

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2 Responses to Song for a Saturday – The Boys Are Back in Town

  1. Welcome back Pete, but sorry for your Internet connectivity problems. Technology has really made leaps and bounds in finding new ways to frustrate us. The future is a finger stomping on an Enter key forever.

    • petertennant says:

      Cheers Rob. Finally got back online at home yesterday. Took the engineer about five minutes to fix the problem, and eleven days to get here. Several streets got their numbers switched round thanks to crossed wires at the exchange, and some of my neighbours are still waiting to get fixed.

      First call I got on reconnection was from a PPI idiot, and the second was from a young lady at British Telecom, who wanted to know if they could lure me back to take them as my phone/broadband provider as they had a lot of good deals available. I laughed and told her that as I’d been without any service for eleven days thanks to a BT error, this really wasn’t the time to ask me questions like that.

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