2015 – The Story So Far

Continuing a Trumpetville tradition…

For the months January through March, I read a total of thirty seven books, most of which were published prior to 2015.

So, in the order I preferred them when I compiled the list ten minutes ago (and, of course, it may be subject to change), here’s my top thirteen books for 2015 so far:-

Fearful Symmetries – Edited by Ellen Datlow (CZP)

Gifts for the One Who Comes After – Helen Marshall (CZP)

Ghosters – Ralph Robert Moore (Sentence Publishing)

The Curious Case of H. P. Lovecraft – Paul Roland (Plexus)

Dreams of Shreds & Tatters – Amanda Downum (Solaris)

Through Dark Angles – Don Webb (Hippocampus)

Lovecraft’s Monsters – Edited by Ellen Datlow (Tachyon)

The Madness of Cthulhu – Edited by S. T. Joshi (Titan Books)

Black Wings IV – Edited by S. T. Joshi (PS Publishing)

The Acolytes of Cthulhu – Edited by Robert M. Price (Titan Books)

The Dark Return of Time – R. B. Russell (Swan River Press)

Dreams of Shadow and Smoke – Edited by Jim Rockhill & Brian J. Showers (Swan River Press)

Whispers in the Dark – Edited by Scott Harrison (Snow Books)

It breaks down as two novels, three collections, one biography, and seven anthologies. Publishers CZP, Titan Books, and Swan River Press all appear twice on the list, as do Ellen Datlow and S. T. Joshi individually.

By my count, ten of these books weren’t first published in 2015, including those in the top four spots, so it is a ‘best of Pete’s reading in 2015’ rather than ‘Pete’s best of the year’ (a not too subtle distinction) and, of course, I only read a fraction of what gets published.

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