Thoughts on a Friday #1

ITEM: I have rebooted this blog for 2015. For the New Year all ‘thoughts on’ posts will start off again at #1.

Which is shorthand for saying that I simply can’t be arsed to trawl back over umpteen months and find out what the last ‘Thoughts on a Friday’ was numbered.

ITEM: Last week I received the latest issue of an e-newsletter I subscribe to, and the Subject header was ‘Be Normal’.

After pausing for several moments to reflect on what a ridiculously bad idea that was, I clicked open the email to find an article informing me that ‘This Is The Year To Do You’.

Well, okay, but what if I want to ‘do’ somebody else?

ITEM: Staying with the e-newsletter theme, another one that I subscribe to ran a competition to ‘WIN a year’s worth of books!’

Naturally I entered the competition, as you can never have enough books, but all the same I felt slightly bemused at their idea that ten novels constituted a year’s worth of books.

Shit, that’s just a slow month.

ITEM: Recently I was looking for an item that I needed rather urgently, and so had occasion to empty out the pockets of my coat.

I discovered a pair of gloves, 3 carrier bags, 2 candy bar wrappers, 10 shop receipts, 2 money off vouchers, 3 credit card receipts, 3 mint wrappers, 1 bus ticket, 1 bit of blank paper, 2 bus timetables, a street festival timetable, and 11p in small change, but not the item I was looking for.

It felt rather like the 12 Days of Christmas – Poundland version – but without the sodding partridge in a pear tree.

ITEM: Facebook offers the occasional reminder that everything is relative, especially when it comes to politics.

I recently discovered somebody on there who is so far to the right that they referred to David Cameron as a ‘treacherous Marxist scumbag’.

I was gobsmacked, and slightly torn between applauding their wholly commendable hatred for the odious little man and questioning their totally dubious reasons for feeling that way.

ITEM: Staying with the subject of politics and Facebook, yesterday I clicked on the profile of the one right wing, UKIP supporting individual I knowingly have on my Friends list to see what spin his crowd were putting on the Charlie Hebdo murders, only to discover that he has unfriended me.

That stung 😉

ITEM: The cold that seriously messed up my plans for Christmas continues to linger in the form of an annoying cough that I just can’t shake off, causing loss of sleep, inability to think straight (which nobody seems to have noticed), and making my sides ache.

It appears to have reached ‘viral status’, as every time I tell somebody about it they have their own war stories they can’t wait to share, which irritates me even more.

Yeah, I know misery is supposed to love company, but personally I’d prefer sympathy and chicken soup.

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