Books Read in 1987

Following on from last month’s Books Read in 1986.

And again I read exactly 100 books, almost as if back then I planned this stuff. I also continue my predilection for large books, with a whole month (May) spent reading omnibus volumes, so that though only five titles appear here for that month I actually read fourteen novels and three short story collections in that time.

I don’t have anything at all listed for September of that year, which strikes me as extraordinary, so on this day in 1987 I was watching television maybe, or perhaps reading comics. On the occasion of my 33rd birthday I was reading The Furious Future, a story collection by Algis Budrys (I appear to have stumbled across a cache of his work that year).

Like everyone else in 1987 I discovered Iain Banks, courtesy of The Wasp Factory, and I also made the acquaintance of Raymond Carver and decided to get serious about P. G. Wodehouse, but the book that blew me away was Samuel R. Delany’s Stars In My Pockets Like Grains of Sand, with its novel approach to gender issues.

As usual, most of the author details have been completed from memory, so if you see something that looks incorrect please shout.

Here’s the list:-

Peter Porter: Collected Poems

Don Quixote – Cervantes

The Mammoth Book of Short Fantasy Novels – Presented by Isaac Asimov

Freddy Hill in Las Vegas – Patrick Skene Catling

The Rim of Space – A. Bertram Chandler

Black Venus – Angela Carter

The Unteleported Man – Philip K. Dick

Mission to the Heart Stars – James Blish

Dark Green, Bright Red – Gore Vidal

The Witling – Vernor Vinge

Slaves of the Klau – Jack Vance

Master of Life and Death – Robert Silverberg

Cage a Man – F. M. Busby

Critical Threshold – Brian Stableford

Wildeblood’s Empire – Brian Stableford

The City of the Sun – Brian Stableford

A Maggot – John Fowles

The Compass Rose – Ursula K. LeGuin

The Chandler Collection: Volume Two – Raymond Chandler

Ship of Strangers – Bob Shaw

The Damnation Game – Clive Barker

The Unexpected Dimension – Algis Budrys

The Wasp Factory – Iain Banks

Across a Billion Years – Robert Silverberg

Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand – Samuel R. Delany

Of Men and Monsters – William Tenn

Gloriana – Michael Moorcock

Valis – Philip K. Dick

Shadrach in the Furnace – Robert Silverberg

Queen of the States – Josephine Saxton

Lord Tyger – Philip Jose Farmer

Strange Wine – Harlan Ellison

Neuromancer – William Gibson

Free Live Free – Gene Wolfe

The Stories of Raymond Carver

The Four Great Novels: Dashiel Hammett

Life With Jeeves – P. G. Wodehouse

The Bachman Books – Richard Bachman (Stephen King)

The Chandler Collection: Volume Three – Raymond Chandler

Great Masters of Fantasy Art – Eckart Sackmann

The Five Gold Bands – Jack Vance

So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away – Richard Brautigan

The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming – Michael Moorcock

Brothers of the Head – Brian W. Aldiss

Clansman of Andor – Andrew J. Offutt

Jupiter Laughs – Edmund Cooper

Rogue Moon – Algis Budrys

Stepsons of Terra – Robert Silverberg

In Deep – Damon Knight

In a Yellow Wood – Gore Vidal

Clone – Richard Cowper

Oil – Jonathan Black

The Nudists – Guy Bellamy

Bethany’s Sin – Robert R. R. McCammon

Cyclops – Clive Cussler

The New Centurions – Joseph Wambaugh

September Castle – Simon Raven

When the Lion Feeds – Wilbur Smith

The Sound of Thunder – Wilbur Smith

A Sparrow Falls – Wilbur Smith

Dali: Academy Editions – Ignacio Gomez de Liano

Sylvia Plath: Collected Poems

The House of the Spirits – Isabel Allende

Picasso: Genius of the Century – Ingo F. Walther

Mist Over Pendle – Robert Neill

Catface – Clifford D. Simak

Xeno – D. F. Jones

Unicorn Variations – Roger Zelazny

Ancient Rites & Ceremonies – Keith Murray

Some Will Not Die – Algis Budrys

The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson

Earth Magic – Alexei & Cory Panshin

Gilgamesh the King – Robert Silverberg

The Door Into Fire – Diane Duane

Hawksmoor – Peter Ackroyd

Prisoner of the Planets – Jonathan Fast

The Devil in a Forest – Gene Wolfe

Hands in the Dark – Maxwell Grant

Dr Futurity – Philip K. Dick

Earthwind – Robert Holdstock

The Gate of Worlds – Robert Silverberg

The Quillian Sector – E. C. Tubb

Web of Sand – E. C. Tubb

Trillion: Alastor 2262 – Jack Vance

The Possessors – John Christopher

The Furious Future – Algis Budrys

Mutant – Henry Kuttner

Legends from the End of Time – Michael Moorcock

Healer – F. Paul Wilson

Star Rigger’s Way – Jeffrey A. Carver

The Twilight of Briareus – Richard Cowper

Walkers on the Sky – David Lake

The Dark Man – Robert E. Howard

The Dead Remember – Robert E. Howard

Time Is the Simplest Thing – Clifford D. Simak

The Fall of Chronopolis – Barrington J. Bayley

Doorways in the Sand – Roger Zelazny

Who? – Algis Budrys

Earth Cult – Trevor Hoyle

Fortune-Telling By Tarot Cards – Sasha Fenton


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