Thoughts for a Tuesday #8

ITEM: Little things allegedly please little minds, and at the moment my little mind is inordinately pleased and amused by the vagaries of Subject header cut offs in emails.

This ‘classic’ comes courtesy of Zavvi, who only a short while back were using the word ‘MILF’ in their Mother’s Day promotion:-

Big Weekend – Even More Tit

Had it not been for the cut off, the second clause would have read ‘Even More Titles Added’.

It’s almost as if they do this stuff deliberately just to give idiots like me something to snigger over in our dotage 🙂

Either that or somebody who previously wrote the punch lines to seaside postcards and/or scripts for the Carry On films has taken a new career path.

ITEM: I offer this next story as a warning against knee jerk reactions.

On seeing the headline ‘Bundy crossed line’, my immediate thought was something along the lines of ‘Well of course he did, you blithering boneheads. The guy murdered umpteen women’, only with more swearing.

Naturally it turned out to be another Bundy, some rancher dude in America who crossed a line.

That’ll teach me not to jump to conclusions.

ITEM: On the subject of swearing, people sometimes tell me that it isn’t necessary, and yes, of course, they’re correct in an abstract sense.

But then in abstract terms is anything necessary?

We consume food, in the short term to retain good health and in the long term to stay alive, but is it necessary?

We believe that it is, but in any greater scheme of things the universe simply doesn’t give a shit if we survive or not.

So when we use the word ‘necessary’ what we’re actually saying is that certain actions are required to achieve an end result we personally regard as desirable, such as staying alive.

On that basis, if the alternatives are punching somebody in the mouth or increased stress levels, then I’d say the occasional use of good, old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon expletives is very necessary indeed, and sometimes mandatory.

I’ve no idea if this is true or not, but it illustrates the point perfectly – in one of his Bond novels, Ian Fleming hypothesised a link between Japan having the highest suicide rate in the world and a lack of swear words in the Japanese language.

ITEM: I’m bemused, if that’s the word, by the climate change deniers in the US conservative camp. I suspect that for the GOP it’s simply down to the fact that they haven’t as yet found a way to blame global warming on Obama.

ITEM: Also bemused, if that’s the word, by the stories only now coming out regarding the alleged involvement of senior politicians in child abuse back in the Thatcher years, with hints of some terrible cover up at the highest level.

Actually, ‘bemused’ is most definitely not the word. Horrified or disgusted will serve much better.

Let’s hope that the truth comes out and if any are guilty, no matter who they are, let’s see justice done.

Fortunately I can’t see any of the current crop of politicians getting involved in such crimes, as deplorable as they are as human beings. The only thing that seems to arouse any of them is filthy lucre, manifested in the form of expense scams and sleazy fantasies about the huge corporate profits to be made from the public purse.

I suspect in ten, twenty years time, the term ‘money shot’ will have an entirely different meaning.

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