2014 – The Story So Far

I’m going to continue with the practice I’ve followed over the past few years, of each quarter producing an ongoing list of my thirteen favourite books from the year’s reading. And yes, I really should have started doing this in early April, but life keeps getting in the way.

For the months January through March, I read a total of forty nine books, some of which were really, really rather short, and some of which I didn’t actually finish until April even though I began them earlier (this is not an exact science). I also started quite a few others that I didn’t finish, and finished several that I started in 2013.

So, in the order I preferred them when I compiled the list ten minutes ago (and, of course, it may be subject to change), here’s my top thirteen books for 2014 so far:-

The Broken Ones – Stephen M. Irwin (Anchor Books)

The Unquiet House – Alison Littlewood (Jo Fletcher Books)

Mercy and Other Stories – Rebecca Lloyd (Tartarus Press)

The Last Revelation of Gla’aki – Ramsey Campbell (PS Publishing)

Everything Is a Graveyard – Jason Fischer (Ticonderoga Publications)

Portraits of Ruin – Joe Pulver (Hippocampus Press)

Ghosts Know – Ramsey Campbell (PS Publishing)

The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror – Edited by Liz Grzyb & Talie Helene (Ticonderoga Publications)

Horror Without Victims – Edited by D. F. Lewis (Megazanthus Press)

Holes for Faces – Ramsey Campbell (Dark Regions Press)

Uglybugly – Lars Ramslie (Dedalus)

Little Visible Delight – Edited by S.P. Miskowski & Kate Jonez (Omnium Gatherum)

Strange Tales Volume IV – Edited by Rosalie Parker (Tartarus Press)

Four novels, one novella, four collections and four anthologies. Two entries apiece from PS Publishing, Tartarus Press, and Ticonderoga Publications, while Ramsey Campbell is the only individual to appear more than once.

And, although it’s included in the count of forty nine, I didn’t take into consideration Carole Johnstone’s novella Cold Turkey, as it’s published by TTA Press.

And, of course, nearly all of these titles were first published in 2013, if not earlier, so it is a ‘best of Pete’s reading’ rather than ‘best of the year’.

Check back in a couple of months to see which of these titles remain.

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