Books Read in 1983

Following on from last month’s Books Read in 1982.

And the grand total for the year is 104, a respectable 2 a week, after the dismal showing in 1982 (only 48). For some reason I didn’t read any books at all in December, either that or made a real meal out of finishing off The Citadel of the Autarch (begun on 30 November).

On the occasion of my 29th birthday I was reading The Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe.

It was the year I discovered James Michener and Joseph Wambaugh, Wilbur Smith and Raymond Chandler, and put a skeleton in my closet with Jackie Collins.

It was the year when I finally decided that Stephen King was a taste I’d acquired after the false start of The Stand.

It was the year I learned that you can go back again, reading the four Modesty Blaise novels I’d enjoyed so much as a teenager, and catching up on all those Peter O’Donnell had written since, loving every one of them. And I also learned that sometimes you can’t go back, tainting my memories of Dennis Wheatley’s oeuvre by reading the appallingly bad The Irish Witch.

It was a year for series of books (Tubb, Donaldson, Wolfe, Zelazny, Leiber) and themed reading (in January I read nothing but Picador titles).

It was the best of reading and the worst of reading, and here’s the list (with author names in the main added from memory, so please feel free to point out any errors):-

Revenge of the Lawn – Richard Brautigan

More Pricks Than Kicks – Samuel Beckett

The Cement Garden – Ian McEwan

The Crying of Lot 49 – Thomas Pynchon

Kleinzeit – Russell Hoban

Our Ancestors – Italo Calvino

Paris Peasant – Louis Aragon

Midnight’s Children – Salman Rushdie

Catch-22 – Joseph Heller

Lord Foul’s Bane – Stephen Donaldson

The Illearth War – Stephen Donaldson

The Power That Preserves – Stephen Donaldson

Storm: The Deep World – Don Lawrence & Saul Dunn

The Priests of Psi – Frank Herbert

Bring on the Bad Guys – Stan Lee and others

The Fog – James Herbert

Modesty Blaise – Peter O’Donnell

Sabre-Tooth – Peter O’Donnell

I, Lucifer – Peter O’Donnell

A Taste for Death – Peter O’Donnell

The Impossible Virgin – Peter O’Donnell

Pieces of Modesty – Peter O’Donnell

The Silver Mistress – Peter O’Donnell

Last Day In Limbo – Peter O’Donnell

Dragon’s Claw – Peter O’Donnell

The Great Superman Comic Book Collection – Various

The Celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Tom Jones – Henry Fielding

The Exorcist – William Peter Blatty

Sovereign – R. M. Meluch

Cadbury and The Samurai – George MacBeth

Cadbury and The Seven Witches – George MacBeth

Swords in the Mist – Fritz Leiber

Swords Against Wizardry – Fritz Leiber

Swords and Ice Magic – Fritz Leiber

Sombrero Fallout – Richard Brautigan

The Lovers – Philip Jose Farmer

The Gardens of Delight – Ian Watson

The Languages of Pao – Jack Vance

The Bloody Chamber – Angela Carter

The Great White Space – Basil Copper

As On a Darkling Plain – Ben Bova

Get Out of My Sky – James Blish

Rubyfruit Jungle – Rita Mae Brown

The High Place – James Branch Cabell

Black Legion of Callisto – Lin Carter

Familiar Spirit – Lisa Tuttle

The Glitter Dome – Joseph Wambaugh

The Stud – Jackie Collins

The Eye of the Tiger – Wilbur Smith

The Irish Witch – Dennis Wheatley

The Executioners – Nick Carter

MASH Goes to Miami – Richard Hooker & William E. Butterworth

The Inheritors – Harold Robbins

Tarzan’s Quest – Edgar Rice Burroughs

‘Salem’s Lot – Stephen King

The Xanadu Talisman – Peter O’Donnell

Last of the Zinja – Robert Shea

Farewell, My Lovely – Raymond Chandler

Love All – Molly Parkin

Behond the Man – Michael Moorcock

Moonchild – Aleister Crowley

The Book of Skulls – Robert Silverberg

Goodbye, Columbus – Philip Roth

Nine Princes in Amber – Roger Zelazny

The Guns of Avalon – Roger Zelazny

Sign of the Unicorn – Roger Zelazny

The Hand of Oberon – Roger Zelazny

The Courts of Chaos – Roger Zelazny

Futuropolis: Impossible Cities of Science Fiction and Fantasy – Robert Sheckley

Frank Frazetta Book Four

The Immortals of Science Fiction – David Wingrove

Hawksbill Station – Robert Silverberg

Shield – Poul Anderson

The Fight of Neither Century – Robin Chambers

The Brass Dragon – Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Black Moon – Saul Dunn

Immortality Inc. – Robert Sheckley

Jack of Swords – E. C. Tubb

Spectrum of a Forgotten Sun – E. C. Tubb

Haven of Darkness – E. C. Tubb

Prison of Night – E. C. Tubb

Incident on Ath – E. C. Tubb

The Science Fiction and Fantasy World of Tim White

Solar Wind – Peter Jones

Alien Landscapes – Robert Holdstock & Malcolm Edwards

Tour of the Universe – Malcolm Edwards & Robert Holdstock

Yragael/Urm – Philippe Druillet

The Sirens of Titan – Kurt Vonnegut

Tyranopolis – A. E. van Vogt

The First Kingdom – Jack Katz

A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire – Michael Bishop

Dreams Die First – Harold Robbins

Catacombs – John Farris

The Choirboys – Joseph Wambaugh

Sirens – Eric van Lustbader

The Shining – Stephen King

Return to Paradise – James Michener

The Sunbird – Wilbur Smith

Dhalgren – Samuel R. Delany

The Shadow of the Torturer – Gene Wolfe

The Claw of the Conciliator – Gene Wolfe

The Sword of the Lictor – Gene Wolfe

The Citadel of the Autarch – Gene Wolfe


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2 Responses to Books Read in 1983

  1. I read a Jackie Collins novel decades ago, out of curiosity– I think it was Hollywood Wives, but I won’t swear to it– and I remember the odd feeling I had, going page to page, that it wasn’t really a book. The sentences (and I say this sincerely) didn’t read like actual sentences, but once-removed summaries of sentences. I don’t know if this makes sense. It’s was like eating a cheeseburger, but instead of getting the immersive cheeseburger experience, I was only tasting the individual components– patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato– that never became better than its parts. It was such an odd experience I’d almost recommend one of her novels, just to confront something that says it’s a novel, looks like a novel, but is a pod.

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