Extracts From A Teenage Diary Part 11

Unbelievable. Today Danny Prince came to our house. It was him who’d placed the ad in the personal column; he’d wanted so much to see me again, the poor boy. The expression on his face was priceless when the poison dwarf showed him into the sitting room where Hortense and Eunice were waiting like two over nourished hippopotami wallowing in mud. He looked like a cat that had swallowed a fur ball and couldn’t sick it up again. He couldn’t wait to get away. Imagine anyone being dumb enough to think somebody that cool would be interested in either of those two frumps.

The poison dwarf told me to show him out, like I was the maid or something. Danny didn’t recognise me as I wasn’t wearing a mask and had my hair done up differently. As soon as we were alone I let him see the Glass Slipper packet with his phone number written on it, which I’d kept from the night of the Ball. He realised at once what it meant, took me in his arms and kissed me on the lips. It was so romantic.

It’s settled then. Danny Prince and I are an item.

 ***   ***   ***

The most marvellous thing. Danny has proposed to me and I’ve accepted. He went down on one knee, just like they do in the movies. We’re going to be married in the summer, after my seventeenth birthday, a really big do. Celia and all of my friends will be so jealous. He gave me the most amazing engagement ring, a huge cluster of diamonds. It must have cost a fortune.

I’m moving in with the Prince family until the wedding. The poison dwarf tried to forbid me, but I told her where to shove it. Not having to see her ugly face every day or listen to the gruesome twosome twittering on about their dreary lives is a definite plus.

I told Danny all about what they’d done to me and how much I hated them. He had a word with his father, who was very sympathetic and wanted to know all the details. Mr Prince was appalled, got very hot under the collar when I told him about the abuse I’d been subjected to. Some of the things I said I may have gone a bit over the top, but they deserve it for the way they made my life hell.

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