Extracts From A Teenage Diary Part 7

If my life was bad before it’s a thousand times worse now. After father’s funeral the poison dwarf spoke to me and said that she thought we’d got off on the wrong foot and it was time for a new start, that we had both loved my father and the best way to remember him was to become friends. She was almost nice to me, and like an idiot I fell for it, believed that an ugly spiteful thing like her could act like a decent human being. God knows that I’ve tried to get along with the woman, but I’m in her power now and she’s no intention of treating me fairly, only wants to take advantage of the situation. It’s her nature.

Every night I come home from school and she stands over me until I’ve done my homework, then there are endless jobs about the house to be done before I can sit down and watch TV or go out with my friends. She and her daughters live here too. Why can’t they do the housework? Why’s it always left to me? But no, of course her precious daughters can’t be expected to lift a finger. All they’re good for is sitting around on their fat backsides making the place look untidy.

If I go out she always has to know where I’m going, who with and when I’ll be home, and if I’m even a minute late she’ll create such a scene, showing me up in front of my friends. I daren’t ask anyone back to the house. She’s always interfering, telling me what I should wear and how I should act, poking her nose into everything.

What I hate most though is when she tries to do the mother thing, giving me advice on stuff like sex and drugs. She’s so unbelievably ignorant. She knows absolutely nothing about anything. The other day she tried to tell me about using condoms. It was so embarrassing. I’ve been sleeping with boys for over a year now, and I know more about contraception than she does. I mean if she knows so much how’d she get lumbered with Hortense and Eunice? She tells me that if ever I have a problem, anything that I need to talk about, I can always come to her. As if. I think I’d rather die, really I do. My only problem is her.

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