Brief Thoughts on a Manic Monday #9

ITEM: How nice to receive this cheery little comment from the gods of wordpress, ‘Your stats are booming! Looks like “Trumpetville” is getting lots of traffic.’

How unfortunate that this happened during a period when I haven’t been blogging at all.

Never mind. I’m back now. Just watch the figures tumble.

And I’m also amused by the fact that ‘wordpress’ shows up as a spelling error on a wordpress blog – *snigger*

ITEM: I was reading the cast credits at the end of a film last night, and was most amused to see:-

Stud – Tom Selleck

Hard to believe that there was ever a time when this was considered a credible statement, but it was there in black and white.

I’ll hopefully be talking about the film later this week, but in the meantime anyone care to take a stab at guessing what it was? No cheating by looking Tom up on imdb.

ITEM: Big shout out to the individual who arrived at this blog after searching ‘”skimpy costumes” little girls’, and I hope you appreciated my comments on the Charlie’s Angels films.

It’s sometimes depressing to reflect on the fact that you have little or no control over who views your work or what aspects of it please them. I was once told by a magazine editor that a correspondent of his, who was doing time in an American gaol, really enjoyed my stories. As an afterthought he added that the guy was serving a sentence of nearly six hundred years, which made my mind boggle.

ITEM: My credit card company keeps emailing me, asking me to vote for them in some awards thing for good service.

I’m slightly gobsmacked that they think anyone would be interested in doing this, for them or any credit card company, but of course there’s a carrot being dangled in front of all us hapless donkeys – everyone who registers to vote will have their names put in a prize draw, and three lucky winners will each receive £1000.

I’ve seen these kind of inducements offered in other such ‘popularity contests’ recently, including a classical music award.

Part of me is saddened that voter apathy can only be combatted by such measures, and another part of me would really, really like to be in with a chance at winning £1000 simply by strolling over to the polling station and voting Dave and the rest of the Bullingdon bully boys down the crapper of history.

I’m poor, and my principles are up for grabs to the highest bidder.

ITEM: So, the woman you’re in an intimate relationship with tells you that she swears quite a lot, only you’ve never heard her swear at all. Do you conclude that:-

a) she doesn’t swear at all, but thinks you’ll regard it as abnormal if she admits this

b) she swears rather badly, but never in front of you in case you’re put off by her bad language

c) she does swear, but never has any reason to do so while with you

I’m going with c), because it means I’m a good boyfriend, or possibly deluded (that works as well).

ITEM: Regular readers of this blog will know that I do not deal well with changes in technology, the way in which the technologically inclined seem to feel the need to rebuild the wheel every other day.

So, no surprise then, that I hate the new Yahoo email.

I hate the way in which folders are hidden. I hate that we no longer have tabs. I hate that instead of reading emails up and down we now click them on from side to side, particularly as I can never remember which way is next. I hate that when I’m reading a column of emails and delete one it goes back to my Inbox instead of to the next email in the column. I hate that the SEND button is now at the bottom of the email instead of the top. I hate that when I try to move emails to folders I have to wait a few seconds or the list jumps and my email goes off to another folder than the one I intended. Most of all, I hate that it groups emails together in conversations, often for no other reason than that they have the same Subject header, but aren’t otherwise related.

Yeah, I know that you like to improve things, that you want to have features that the other email providers don’t, but all that’s happened here is you’ve taken a perfectly good piece of kit and changed it for a dog’s dinner.

ITEM: You read it here first – Saturday is the new Sunday.

The plan was to leave the computer turned off on a Sunday, to have one day without pandering to the silicon dictator. And, of course, that plan seldom worked out, but all the same it remained a goal to aim for. Only now that goal is unattainable, because since the changes in the National Lottery every Sunday I have at least two, and sometimes three, people asking me to turn on the computer and check if they won anything in the raffle the night before. Sigh!

It’s particularly galling in that I’ve stopped doing the Lottery myself and want to remain ignorant of the numbers drawn in case mine come up.

Anyway, expect ‘Song for a Saturday’ in future (pre-posted on a Friday), and by way of further self-justification, as an atheist I feel Sunday should not be my day of rest.

ITEM: I like this video:-

And if you don’t, then please feel free to go read somebody else’s blog, because I don’t want you stinking up this one.

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6 Responses to Brief Thoughts on a Manic Monday #9

  1. I agree: that is a good video.
    I’d also urge you to go along with swearing option C, if only for the sake of optimism!

  2. I sympathise with being asked (in my case by non-internet relatives) to check the new lottery raffle every Sunday and Thursday!

  3. petertennant says:

    Cynical Des, but entirely accurate 😦

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