Pete’s Favourite Horror Stories of 2013 – Part Three

Back on the 23rd of July I listed my favourite horror stories ‘so far’ of 2013, and three months on it’s time to update that list.

The situation remains as in the previous post – while I’ve read a lot of stories, very few of them have a publication date of 2013.

Some context – over the past three months, for various reasons, I’ve concentrated on reading novels, so the total of stories read with a 2013 publication date has only risen to 57, a mere five more than last time. This figure was arrived at from two anthologies, a few chapbooks, plus a smattering of previously unpublished pieces from collections. And I’m not including anything published by TTA in these listings.

My choices are highly subjective, and I would probably come up with a different list tomorrow.

It remains a bit of fun, though if anyone wants to regard appearing on this list as a feather in their cap, then that’s cool too, as long as you appreciate it’s a slightly soiled feather pulled from the bottom of a budgie’s cage and not a peacock plume.

NB: As they were all over sixty pages in length, I decided to regard three of the stories from Nina Allan’s collection Stardust as novellas, which is why they are not appearing in positions 1, 2 and 3 on the list.

So, for what it’s worth, Pete’s Favourite Horror Stories of the Year So Far:-

Bor Urus by John Langan – Shadows Edge

B-Side by Nina Allan – Stardust: The Ruby Castle Stories

A. H. by Nina Allan – Microcosmos

Feral by Anne-Sylvie Salzman – Darkscapes

Higher Up by Nina Allan – Microcosmos

Getting Out of There by M. John Harrison – Nightjar Press chapbook

Stabilimentum by Livia Llewellyn – Shadows Edge

The Fox by Conrad Williams – This Is Horror chapbook

A Blue Story by Anne Michaud – Girls & Monsters

The House on North Congress Street by Jason A. Wyckoff – Dark World: Ghost Stories

Touch Me With Your Cold, Hard Fingers by Elizabeth Stott – Nightjar Press chapbook

Roadkill by Joseph D’Lacey – This Is Horror chapbook

Soul Masque by Terry Grimwood – Spectral Press chapbook

Laburnums by Nina Allan – Stardust: The Ruby Castle Stories

…he was water before he was fire… by D. P. Watt – Shadows Edge

Come Into My Parlour by Reggie Oliver – Dark World: Ghost Stories

The Falling Dark by Daniel Mills – Shadows Edge

Into An Empire by John Howard – Written by Daylight

The Vast Impatience of the Night by Mark Fuller Dillon – In a Season of Dead Weather

Wheatfield With Crows by Steve Rasnic Tem – Dark World: Ghost Stories

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