Random Thoughts on the Dark Art of Reviewing

Lots of muttering about reviews at the moment.

I thought that I might tender an opinion on the subject, but then realised that I have too many reviews to write to spend time writing about reviewing, so I thought I’d post handy links to some blog entries I prepared earlier.

Not all of these are meant to be taken seriously, and you should probably start at the bottom and work your way up if you wish to see my ‘wisdom’ developing.


Some Thoughts on the Recent Disturbance

War Stories

To Review or Not To Review

13 Reviewers You Shouldn’t Trust

Dos and Don’ts

A Word From Quality Control

Reviewing: New Rules of Engagement

Why I Don’t Especially Like ARCs

Constructive Criticism: A Rant

Rainy Day Rant #35

Does My Head Look Big In This Black Hat

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