Thoughts on a Wednesday #7

ITEM: Nowt strange as folk, and as if to underline the point I just stumbled across a link on Facebook to this thread (probably NSFW, but then if you’re reading this blog that issue is almost certainly redundant).

As I leave my teeth in a glass by the side of the bed at night, I’m thinking that a post-coital dunk in the dark would not be a good idea at all.

Your mileage may differ, and if it does, good luck to you.

ITEM: I’m sometimes flabbergasted at the mailing lists I find myself on. What, for example, did I do to get informed of this:-

And I sincerely hope that I haven’t got what it takes.

ITEM: I’ve avoided watching the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball video, not out of any aesthetic reservations or objections to the singer going naked, but simply because if it turns out she’s done a cover version of the Springsteen song I really, really don’t think that I could endure it.

And what’s with Sinead O’Connor and her open letter to Miley? Personally, I’m thinking that if I made a tremendous public faux pas (and I’m not saying MC has – I don’t know enough about the situation to make that judgement), I’d be grateful to anyone who pointed it out to me in private, but take umbrage at someone who emoted on their blog for all the world to see and claimed to be helping me.

ITEM: The spammers persist in their attempts to win me over through flattery. A few days ago one posted that I was ‘the world’s leading expert in this subject’. As the post he tried to comment on was ‘Books Read in 1977’ I guess the guy/gal had a point. It’s unlikely anyone knows more about my reading patterns than I do.

ITEM: Staying with the subject of spam, I recently received an email with the subject line ‘No Cost Access to All Local Ladies’.

Meanwhile on Facebook I keep getting ads that suggest a successful career as a male escort is waiting for me.

I’m thinking Facebook algorithms don’t work very well.

ITEM: George Osborne’s big idea for the long term unemployed is to put them to work for thirty hours a week to earn their benefit.

Let’s see now, JSA is £71.70 a week (less, if you’re young), while thirty hours at the minimum wage comes to £189.30, and at thirty hours I imagine you’d qualify for some in work benefits such as Working Tax Credit, so any employer would be getting work done at about a third of the going rate, and paid out of the public purse.

I hope we can all see how Ozzy is tackling the something for nothing culture.

PS: I wonder if male escorts can get Working Tax Credits?

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