Thoughts for the Weekend #26

ITEM: The fifth and final part of an interview with me has just been posted over at the This Is Horror website.

Notice how adept I am at not giving straight answers.

I tried the same thing with a friend this week, but it didn’t work.

And don’t I look handsome? (Rhetorical question.)

ITEM: Identity theft is becoming a problem.

The other night a friend and I watched the DVD of Zack and Miri Make a Porno (it was hilarious) and now when we email each other we use the names Zack and Miri, and when I text The Imaginary Girlfriend, who is a huge fan of the whole 50 Shades thing, I call her Ana and she calls me Christian.

It’s all getting very confusing.

So which fictional relationship with me would any of you guys like?

ITEM: As a reviewer I get offered lots of strange things by publishers, some of them entirely inappropriate, but even so it was especially disconcerting to be sent a link to a 16 page guide to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Staying with the subject of spam, I’ve also been told ‘You wouldn’t feel loneliness anymore after having live sexchat with cute babes’.

Perhaps not, but I’d probably end up destitute.

I was however highly amused to get an email with the Subject line ‘Viagra… by appointment to Her Majesty’

The mind boggles.

ITEM: Shopping for DVDs with friends can be interesting.

Me (seeing the 2 disk Sex and the City 2 on a shelf in Poundland): Oh yeah!

Friend: You’re not going to buy that?

Me: I like Sex and the City.

Friend: It’s for women.

Me: Samantha is lying on a table so that her lover can eat sushi from her naked body. Which part of that do you think is aimed at women?

ITEM: As I seem to be posting quite a lot of reviews from the back catalogue to this blog, I think it’s something I should put on a more formal footing.

The gentleman’s agreement I have with Andy is that I won’t use any of my Black Static reviews until six months after publication (i.e. three issues). So at the moment, as #35 has just gone to the printers, I can do whatever I wish with the reviews from the first 32 issues of the magazine.

I propose to post one issue’s worth per month as filler content to this blog.

The question is do I start with the reviews from #1 and work forward, or with the reviews from #32 and work backward (in effect this would mean using reviews from #32 this month, from #31 in August, from #33 in September, #30 in October, and so on – to take into account new issues coming into play).

The former is easier, but the latter might mean some of the reviews were still timely, though having said that I don’t think ‘shelf life’ is such an issue with books.

Opinions anyone?

I should probably also set up an index page for this ‘filler content’ similar to the ‘Black Static Story Index’.

And I should probably also start writing about Black Static stories again, but that’s a thought – and task – for another day.

ITEM: Disasters I can cope with, more or less. It’s the little things that screw me up.

A notebook with valuable (to me) information inside went missing, and for three days I was distraught, despite all the people telling me it would turn up.

Today it has turned up and I’ve come down from the ceiling.


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8 Responses to Thoughts for the Weekend #26

  1. Cate Gardner says:

    Shrek and Fiona. *Runs away*

  2. Ray Cluley says:

    Pete, can I call you Betty? And Betty, you can call me Al…? (Or perhaps vice versa, depending who needs the bodyguard and who needs the long lost pal.)

    By the way, you’ve told us about that Alzheimers link incident before – don’t you remember?

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