Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all my American readers, who thanks to the foresight of their ancestors haven’t been saddled with that dick head Cameron and his whole motley crew.

I have other reasons to celebrate.

This is Bruce:-

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2 Responses to Independence Day

  1. Great singer, great song. I’ve often wondered if the fireworks in the sky celebration is a way of getting children acclimated to the explosions of war. And may I apologize for all Americans for our rudeness way back then. We were really drunk at the time.

    • petertennant says:

      Interesting thought on fireworks, Rob, At the time of the ‘shock and awe’ bombings, when I saw them on my TV I couldn’t help thinking how feeble it all looked compared to the explosions churned out by Hollywood – reality as a pale shadow of SFX.

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