The Purge

Years ago I had this idea for a story set in a grim future world where for one day each year (“Der Tag”) the law would be suspended and you could just go kill whoever you wanted to, and of course really it was just the big, bad government using Der Tag to eliminate the people they wanted out of the way.

Unfortunately I couldn’t think of a plot to go with the idea, though I did write another story, “Referendum”, that came from a similar place, with a society in which every year you get to vote for who you’d like to face public execution (this was written before reality TV).

Anyway, it seems like somebody else had the same idea as me, and it seems that in their version the justice suspended theme just becomes the backdrop for another home invasion/ nice people from the burbs vs outlaws popcorn guzzler.

It’s called The Purge and it’s out later this week, so here’s a trailer:-

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