Brief Thoughts on a Bank Holiday Monday

ITEM: Next week a friend of mine is going to see The Great Gatsby because she fancies Leonardo DiCaprio and The Rocky Horror Picture Show because she fancies star Oliver Thornton.

She’s also going to a Cliff Richard concert, but I didn’t ask why.

As another friend once told me, don’t ask the question unless you’re certain you really want to know the answer.

ITEM: Last week I received spam with the Subject line ‘every day is a new day, make today a day where you get your dick sucked’.

As spam hooks go, it has an almost Zen Koan quality to it, I feel.

ITEM: Staying with our noses firmly in the gutter, congratulations to the person who arrived at this blog after searching ‘Kelly brook bares all in survival island’.

So glad to have been of service.

ITEM: I was in Norwich last week, and saddened to see that Waterstones bookstore in the Royal Arcade has been replaced by Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant.

(Actually this happened some time back, but today I want to blog about it and so am pretending I hadn’t noticed before.)

I may not have the phrasing exact, but written on a chalk board outside were words to the effect that ‘Our pasta is made fresh on the premises with love and passion’.

Too much information?

ITEM: I like my technology simple. If I’m working my way round the Menu on a DVD and feel like I’m competing in The Krypton Factor, then chances are I won’t be well pleased.

I don’t need gadgetry to make me feel stupid and inadequate. I have a sister for that.

ITEM: A couple of days ago, I saw a writer on Facebook complaining about his Amazon/Goodread reviews, and realised that every time that happens now I’m probably going to think of this:-

I went to an Italian restaurant once (not Jamie’s) where the waiter had a black eye and seemed in a particularly bad mood, almost throwing the plates of food down on the table in front of us.

Nothing anywhere near as bad as the stuff in that clip though.

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