Brief Thoughts Late on a Friday Afternoon #2

ITEM: It’s the middle of May, and where I am so overcast and gloomy that it seems more like late November.

I blame the government.

That’s not a knee jerk reaction, but a conclusion arrived at after thoughtful and careful consideration of all the facts.

The last really good summer that I can recall was in 2009. In 2010 the ConDems assumed power, so obviously the combined hot air output and bluster of Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Smith et al has had a negative impact on the environment and accelerated the greenhouse effect.

You don’t need to be a genius to figure this stuff out.

ITEM: The lengthy interview with me that I first mentioned on the 18th of April, is continuing to unwind over at the This Is Horror website, with part two and part three now posted.

I understand there are going to be five parts in total.

ITEM: Staying with literary shenanigans, I am doing jury duty for the British Fantasy Society helping to pick out the Best Newcomer.

I’ve always fancied being the juror on a juicy murder trial, but for the moment this will have to suffice, and it has the advantage that nobody got killed.

ITEM: Latest comment from a spammer:-

‘Such an awesome feature!! The photos are gorgeous of course, and I love what you said about reinvesting in your own biz. So true.’

This was in response to the Monster Movies post. Lazy bastards can’t even bother to pretend they’re reading the blog any more, just generic comments in the hope of slipping their crappy links onto the site.

ITEM: We often hear of relationships failing through ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Subsequent to a conversation with a friend the other day, in which she declared of a gay man she quite fancies, ‘we have so much in common, he likes cock and I like cock’, I’m wondering if relationships also flounder, or indeed never take off at all, through ‘irreconcilable similarities’.

ITEM: Staying with the ‘gay theme’, this is simply marvellous. George Takei I love you.

ITEM: Little things that annoy a lot #573 – those ‘piracy is theft’ trailers they stick on at the start of DVDs, which most of the time you can’t even fast forward through or skip. I mean, the only reason I’m having to sit through this stuff is because I bought the DVD, and the possibility of avoiding such bilge is almost enough to incite me to seek out pirate copies.

How long before the overlords of publishing take a similar tack with e-Books? Possibly they’ve done so already and it slipped under my radar. I guess in that scenario, we at least have the scroll down option.

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