Brief Thoughts Late on a Friday Afternoon

ITEM: On this day in 2007, at 7:46 in the morning, a woman of my then acquaintance sent me a text that was so rude I still have it on my phone six years later and take it out to read every time I need a chuckle.

Nostalgia takes many strange forms.

And I’m pretty sure she deleted my reply straight away.

ITEM: The regular readers of this blog will both know how easily amused I am by ‘found’ news headlines, and as far as that goes I feel this from Yahoo seriously pushes the envelope in terms of stating the bleeding obvious:-

Temperatures set to rise then fall

ITEM: And, in the category of insult disguised as praise, we have this blurb from Geoff Ryman that I stumbled across in the front of Curious Warnings: The Great Ghost Stories of M. R. James:-

‘M. R. James is one of horror fiction’s few class acts.’

Yeah, well, a guy who had a book with the title Lust and a cover illustration consisting of a cucumber suggestively juxtaposed with two cherry tomatoes would know all about class.

253 and Was were both brilliant though, so I guess I’ll cut Mr Ryman some slack, before turning back to the latest magnum opus in my ‘to be read’ pile in which half a dozen sorority girls get chopped into little pieces by some nut job in a boiler suit.

ITEM: Broadland in Norfolk has been designated the UK’s most peaceful place, with the lowest crime statistics in the country.

The Imaginary Girlfriend lives in Broadland.

I can’t wait until the next time we speak to discover how she manages to turn this into some sort of personal achievement.

ITEM: My dentist tells me that I have ‘unusual nostrils’. Apparently one of them tapers towards the top, almost closing up, so that when I have colds one nostril will remain clear and the other feel blocked.

I wonder, does having unusual nostrils count as a super power or some form of mutancy?

Probably not, but you can’t blame me for trying to put some sort of positive spin on this.

ITEM: I’ve always thought that I’d make an exquisite corpse, and now thanks to the industrious Rachel Kendall, Ms Sein und Werden herself, you can see for yourself how I shape up by clicking here.

Several familiar names in the lineup, including Bob Lock, Steven Pirie and Douglas Thompson, and I’m pleased to see Ralph Robert Moore snapping at my heels. Hi Rob.

There are two other exquisite corpses, one here and the other here, but neither is quite as exquisite as our exquisite corpse. You can take my word for that, as I’m a book reviewer and know these things.

I also have unusual nostrils.

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2 Responses to Brief Thoughts Late on a Friday Afternoon

  1. Hi, Pete. And what a distinguished pair of heels it was to be snapping at. šŸ™‚

    The corpse was a lot of fun. Hopefully, Rachel will repeat it sometime.

  2. petertennant says:

    >>The corpse was a lot of fun

    Careful Rob, you don’t want to incriminate us. And I’m sure Rachel will kill something for us again one day if we behave ourselves.

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