The Look of Love

Biopic of Paul Raymond, starring Steve Coogan:-


I visited the Raymond Revuebar one time when I was staying in London back in the late 70s/early 80s.

Strange place, rather like somewhere aspiring to the Parisian decadence of venues like The Crazy Horse and Moulin Rouge, but with a saucy seaside postcard streak that was uniquely British.

Lots of loud rock music and flashing lights. Strippers posing in giant champagne glasses, taking showers and straddling Harley Davidsons. Male strippers as well as females, and about a third of the people in the audience were women.

The thing I remember most clearly was the grand finale, when all the female performers formed a chorus line and strutted up and down in showgirl regalia of high heels and feathered headdresses, but nothing else. One of them had a shaved crotch, and she seemed somehow more naked than any of the others, which impressed me so much that I wrote a poem about it.

It was a very bad poem though, and I feel no need to share.

As Bob Dylan had it – ‘I was so much older then, but I’m younger than that now.’

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