Song for a Sunday – Still Running the World

So, Margaret Thatcher is gone.

I won’t celebrate her death, but neither will I maintain a respectful silence while others whitewash her life. We need to keep faith with the truth, that she placed at the heart of our political system a philosophy of naked greed, one in which everything was up for grabs as long as it could be monetised and turn a quick profit; that she stood four square for the rights of the individual while glossing over their responsibilities to some greater whole, that society which she claimed didn’t exist; that she was friend to tyrants and the wealthy, but an enemy of the working class; that she set an example and laid the foundations for the divisive and hateful policies being followed today by her hideous progeny on both sides of the political divide.

And we also need to send a strong message to our current political masters, that the evil they do will not be buried with them, that we will remember and not forgive.

If you want respect when you are dead, then earn it by the way you conduct yourself while alive.

The Cocker has the truth of it:-

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