Thoughts for the Weekend #25

ITEM: Observation – some people will gleefully admit to acting like arseholes, then seem surprised and hurt when they get criticised for it instead of being applauded for their honesty.

ITEM: In America when there’s a mass killing the powers that be instigate a debate on gun control.

In the UK the idiots in control want to have a debate about welfare benefits, because of the obvious connection between being poor and/or unemployed and being a manipulative child murdering sociopath.

Mick Philpott isn’t representative of anyone except himself.

To generalise about people on benefits from the example of this arsewipe, is as ludicrous as discovering a Tory MP with a scrap of common human decency and from that concluding the rest of them aren’t opportunistic pond scum who’ll use a terrible tragedy to score political points.

ITEM: Mid-week I was walking down a street in Norwich, humming away to myself, when a voice came from behind me: ‘What are you like?’

I turned expecting to see somebody I knew, but instead it was a complete stranger, a guy built like the proverbial brick shithouse, and glaring at me like I was somebody he wanted dead. He walked past me and carried on down the street, a couple of times looking back over his shoulder and glaring some more. He was the sort of person that likes glaring.

This reminded me of a time I was sitting at an outside cafe in Yarmouth, minding my own business with a cup of coffee, and a woman approached me and tried to strike up a conversation. She was quite convinced that I was somebody she knew and pissed that I wouldn’t admit it. Finally she accepted that I was a stranger who just had the good/bad fortune to look like the guy she knew, at which point she informed me that my double was really unpopular in Yarmouth and I should be careful or I’d get my head kicked in, after which she walked off.


ITEM: While inside the HMV store I was totally charmed by a little old lady who was having an intense conversation with one of the assistants about the DVD of The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Seems she had quite a thing for star Richard Carlson back in the day. I hope the film brought back some happy memories.

ITEM: Usually making me feel stupid on April Fool’s Day is my sister’s job, but this year I did it to myself.

On entering the bathroom I noticed something brown and unsightly laying on the floor. Closer inspection revealed that it was a breakfast branflake that had got caught up in my robe and subsequently fell out, but for a moment there I was, erm… shitting myself.

ITEM: I recently watched the bonus material on the DVD of Curse of the Golden Flower. The age restriction states ‘Contains strong bloody violence’, but I didn’t really feel that this was the case, with beautifully choreographed and visually stunning battle scenes in lieu of a bloody reality.

Talking about his role as the Emperor, Chow Yun Fat several times declares that the character was a good man, but this good man is poisoning his wife, orders the murder of his lover and illegitimate daughter, whips one of his sons to death and places another in a position where he has no choice but to commit suicide, so I think the actor’s definition of good may be radically different from mine.

Suddenly not looking forward to ‘the Chinese century’.

ITEM: Staying with the oriental theme, a couple of weeks back I went to Washi: The Art of Japanese Paper at the Norwich University of the Arts, and very nice it all looked too, but all the same I couldn’t help feeling that, essentially, I was standing in a gallery filled with framed wallpaper swatches.

Sometimes I’m a philistine.

ITEM: I shall be missing in action for the next week or so, but I hope to find time to post some filler content – old reviews, stories, videos etc – so play nicely while I’m gone.

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