Tom Cruise – I’m conflicted.

I don’t like the Scientology stuff and some of the other things I hear about him.

But I have an awful lot of films in which he stars and enjoy most of them.

Today, walking through a mall, I saw a poster for this:-

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6 Responses to Oblivion

  1. It’s about that ride thingy at Alton Towers, isn’t it. No good me going to see this, I’d spend the whole time trying to curl into a little ball and squeezing my eyes tightly shut…

  2. petertennant says:

    Oh yes, the formerly evil Ali, now possessed by a demonic entity and using it as plausible deniability.

    The possibilities for getting up to mischief are enough to make yer ‘ead spin round (see what I did there?).

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