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And yet, at the same time, I’m wary of films that use hype like ‘so terrifying it made audiences sick’. It’s almost like they’re challenging us to watch, to show that we’re tough enough to take it while these other, anecdotal, audiences can’t. It’s the same sort of thinking as behind daring people to do something, and I grew out of that when I left primary school.

Besides, having to dodge streams of projectile vomiting and deal with the smell of stale puke on a cinema visit really isn’t a selling point.

Anyone ever witnessed somebody throwing up at the cinema or, indeed, ever done it yourself?



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6 Responses to V/H/S

  1. DC5 says:

    I’ve never seen anyone throwing up in a cinema, nor have I ever done so myself. In fact, I don’t believe any movie I’ve seen has made me physically ill. The smell of someone’s puke once made me vomit, however. They threw up in the car, I threw up on the grassy median next to the gas pumps. What a day.

    • petertennant says:

      Yeah, I have a friend who does ‘sympathetic’ vomiting. The other week she had a lovely pizza meal, went to the restaurant’s loo and in comes a woman with a kid who vomits, and my friend just has to join in. All rather like the scene at the pie eating contest in King’s “The Body”.

  2. DC5 says:

    I hadn’t thought of “The Body” until you mentioned it….but yeah, exactly.

  3. Never thrown up, or seen anyone else do it. Felt a bit ill during Sweet November (“Big dog!”) and left after ten minutes, but it was a midnight show and we’d been to the pub. I fell asleep during Tales of Earthsea, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and (going back a bit) Star Trek: the Motion Picture.

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