2012: The Story So Far – Third Quarter

Back in July I did a list of my favourite books of the year so far, and as it’s now October time for another update.

For the year so far I’ve read ninety one books, and there are a few more that I’ve started but haven’t yet finished.

So, in the order I preferred them when I wrote the list ten minutes ago (and, of course, it may be subject to change), here’s my top thirteen books for 2012 so far, with new entries shown in bold:-

Motherless Child – Glen Hirshberg (Earthling)

A Rope of Thorns – Gemma Files (ChiZine Publications)

The Wrath of Angels – John Connolly (Hodder & Stoughton)

Bluegrass Symphony – Lisa L. Hannett (Ticonderoga)

A Book of Horrors – Edited by Stephen Jones (Jo Fletcher Books)

I Am a Magical Teenage Princess – Luke Geddes (Chômu Press)

The Orphan Palace – Joseph S. Pulver Sr. (Chômu Press)

The Architect – Brendan Connell (PS Publishing)

Bone Marrow Stew – Tim Curran (Tasmaniac)

The Memory of Blood – Christopher Fowler (Transworld)

Off The Rails – Christopher Fowler (Bantam)

Bread and Circuses – Felicity Dowker (Ticonderoga)

Black Horse and Other Strange Tales – Jason A. Wyckoff (Tartarus)

It breaks down as six novels, one novella, five collections and one anthology. Chômu and Ticonderoga are represented twice, while looking at things individually Christopher Fowler remains top dog, but this time around with only two titles listed, and they have slipped down the table.

Nine of these titles were first published in 2011, if not earlier, so it remains a ‘best of Pete’s reading’ list rather than ‘Pete’s best of the year’. I probably won’t be in a position to make that sort of judgement call until late 2013, if ever.

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